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Sleight of Senators at Reuters

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Let’s stipulate at the outset that the Plame Affair has ended with a whimper. There has got to be disappointment amongst the lefties, the BDS sufferers, and other assorted moonbats that the best that the Special Prosecutor came up with was an aide to the Vice President that no one had heard of a month ago may have lied about a crime which was never committed. No indictment of Karl Rove, and no indictments for the alleged crime of outing Valerie Plame. (Who for the nth time, was not outed, was not a covert agent, and was clearly involved in a conspiracy against the sitting President of the United States.)

Yet I was struck by the reaction of assorted Democratic elected officials, spouting the same nonsense they always spout, which is that somebody, anybody in the White House should resign on account of the fevered illusions dancing in their heads. And preferably the resignee should be Bush while they’re at it. They naturally made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows, which ceased to be worth watching the day David Brinkley retired. Here’s Reuters on the story:

U.S. President George W. Bush, whose top adviser Karl Rove remains in jeopardy in a CIA-leak probe, needs to shake up his White House staff if he hopes to revive a presidency reeling from multiple setbacks, Republican and Democratic lawmakers said on Sunday.

The lawmakers also urged Bush to investigate the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, whose chief of staff, Lewis Libby, resigned on Friday and was indicted on perjury and other charges in connection with the probe. Bush should take Cheney “to the woodshed” if necessary, one lawmaker said.

“You should always be looking for … new blood, new energy, qualified staff, new people in administration. I’m not talking about wholesale changes, but you’ve got to reach out and bring in more advice and counsel,” Sen. Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Laying aside the fact that if Karl Rove were in jeopardy he would have been indicted on Thursday, read the excerpt again. Doesn’t it look like it’s Trent Lott saying that Cheney should be taken to the woodshed?

But if one keeps reading (as so few do), one reaches this penultimate paragraph of the piece:

“The president ought to do his own internal investigation of the vice president’s office, see what happened, set some standards and if need be take the vice president to the woodshed,” New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Oh, so not a conservative Republican but the uber-liberal Chuck Schumer. Now why do you suppose they would have wanted to mislead their readers up above?

To be fair, the story was later changed to add the word “democratic” before lawmaker in the above paragraph, but it seems clear to me that in the absence of any real crime, in the absence of any real malfeasance on the part of the administration, putting the frayed democratic talking points into Trent Lott’s mouth was their first reaction. The hand looks pretty weak from this side of the table.

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October 31, 2005 at 11:30 am

The Plame Kerfuffle

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So while everyone breathlessly awaits the color of the smoke out of Patrick Fitzgerald’s office, there are a couple of good reads on the subject. Mark Davis on Real Clear Politics writes:

What’s an objective soul to do?

The first thing to do is question that objectivity. Is it even possible to approach the Karl Rove/”Scooter” Libby/Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame Wilson story with an eye unaffected by politics?

Probably not, so let’s all be honest with ourselves. For me, as a general supporter of this president, my default settings are to hope that people I admire do not break the law and to question the motives of those who prematurely presume that laws have been broken.

But with that comes a hefty responsibility. I must have the spine to face it if Mr. Rove and/or Mr. Libby are indicted and to do it without the whining and denials heard from so many Clinton supporters as he faced the music for his prevarications.

There’s more and it’s worth reading.

Second, via the American Thinker, comes James Lewis:

If the Bush White House is badly damaged or destroyed, the consequences could be dangerous for the United States. A new President could copy Jimmy Carter: Pull the plug in Iraq, thereby allowing Iran, Syria, and their allied Islamic fascists to come to power throughout the Middle East. The Left would be on top again, just as the Democrats gained majorities in Congress and elected Jimmy Carter after the Watergate scandal. Hillary Clinton’s long ambitions could well become reality, all by means of a single hyped scandal. Nixon’s downfall had devastating consequences: the chaotic downfall of Saigon, the Stalinization of Vietnam — including a new Gulag with tens of thousands of victims — and the genocide of a million Cambodians. Watergate nearly led to an ultimate American defeat in the Cold War. Many on the Left were fervently hoping for that. We would be living in a very different world today, had history swung the other way. Nixon was followed by Gerald Ford, a badly weakened president, who was easily defeated by the disastrous Jimmy Carter. As president, Carter allowed the Shah of Iran to fall from power because he thought that Ayatollah Khomeini was much more democratic. We can see Carter’s Folly today in the rise of an Islamofascist Iran, which will soon have its own nuclear weapons. It is Jimmy Carter, more than anyone, who is responsible for a new age of nuclear danger in the Middle East. But it all goes back to the coup d’etat against Nixon. Thus Watergate has had disastrous ripple effects, even decades afterwards and across the world. If the Plame-Wilson affair succeeds in destroying this White House, the ripple effects would spread through our domestic politics and into the War on Terror, placing every person in this country at risk. The Left has hyped a rogue CIA for decades. Hollywood has shown it in movie after movie. But now that it is happening, they are all for it; anything to destroy the enemy — a duly elected President — just as the Left still celebrates the Deep Throat conspiracy to overthrow Nixon.

Read them both, and don’t miss this piece about uranium.

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October 26, 2005 at 9:48 am

Miers Withdraws

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Fox is reporting that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the SCOTUS and President Bush has “reluctantly” accepted. Among the reasons stated was the expectation that the senate would press too hard to examine privileged executive branch documents. I was prepared to trust the President and wait for the hearings, but that’s moot now. The pressure from the Right was too much.

It seems clear that the President must now appoint someone like Janice Rodgers Brown – even if that means a fight with the Democrats in the senate – as the only way to bring the base back to his side. Too many things are at stake now – tax reform, Social Security reform, and most of all the war. This is not a time to have senators sticking their fingers into the political wind and abandoning the President not because of opposition but lack of support. Conservatives must rally behind the President and close ranks once they get a nominee they like.

(And Bush should turn around and appoint Miers to a District court in the near future.)

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October 26, 2005 at 8:06 am

Common Sense on Iraq

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Victor Davis Hanson is reminding Iraq naysayers that they’re not paying attention. A taste:

The media has long since written Iraq off as a — quagmire” and a — debacle.” The war is now hopelessly politicized and has been misrepresented in two national elections. Then we heard that the war’s purpose was either to steal oil (the price actually skyrocketed), enrich Halliburton (in fact, few other conglomerates wished to venture to Iraq), or do Israel’s dirty work (it just withdrew voluntarily from Gaza). Our aims were said to be anything other than to remove the worst dictator in modern memory, allow the Arab world a chance at democracy, and undo the calculus of Middle-Eastern terrorism that is so parasitic on the failures and barbarity of regional autocracies.

While no mainstream Democrat has yet gone the McGovern route, it is still politically toxic for any to state publicly that we should be optimistic about the future of Iraq, inasmuch as they are convinced that such an admission could only help George W. Bush. Some of us who are Democrats are baffled that the party that used to decry cynical realism, gave us the Truman Doctrine and JFK’s tough stance against Communism, galvanized us to hold steady in WWI, WWII, and Korea, and preached that we must promote and protect democracies, is now either joining the isolationist Right or drifting into quasi-pacifism — or simply standing against anything that the opposing party is for.

A must read. This piece by Bruce Kesler is also good.

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October 24, 2005 at 8:54 am

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The Rule of Law

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A remarkable thing happened in Iraq today. The Rule of Law sprouted.

By putting Saddam Hussein on trial in an Iraqi court for crimes he committed against his own people, an Arab nation has taken the first steps out of the byzantine barbarism that has characterized so much of life in that part of the world. Many have compared this to the Nuremberg Trials, or that of Slobodon Mlosevic in The Hague, but the true parallel is to Charles I, King of England from 1625 to 1649.

Now, Charles I was not the monster Saddam so manifestly is. He was at odds with his people for a variety of reasons: religious, financial, political, and mostly, on the liberties of the people. He famously fought a war against Parliament, and lost. Put on trial by that body and accused of treason, he was condemned and on January 30, 1649, executed. Parliament had largely pre-ordained the outcome, and the charge itself – treason – was ludicrous given the definition of treason at the time was an act against the crown, but it was a trial, conducted under the rule of law, and the accused was given the right to mount a defense. Charles I paid the price for losing a war, but the way he paid that price was new.

English kings had been deposed and murdered before. Edward II was deposed by his Queen and her lover and quietly murdered. Richard II was deposed by his cousin and quietly murdered. Henry VI was deposed, allowed to live for a decade in custody but then was quietly murdered after his supporters failed in an uprising. Edward V was deposed by his uncle and quietly murdered. (Most probably by that uncle, Richard III, but some have argued that he was murdered by Richard’s foe and successor Henry VII.)

Thus we see the primary means of disposing of a troublesome ex-king was a knife in the dark. This changed in 1587 when Elizabeth I, in the height of the fears over a Spanish invasion, ordered the trial, and eventually the execution of her cousin and heir Mary, Queen of Scots. This was a little different, involving as it did international intrigue and Mary was not Queen of England. However, the difference was that she was tried and sham though it was, it represented a break with the previous practice. When Charles I’s time came, a trial was required. The Rule of Law had trumped the medieval rule of the sword.

Which brings us back to Iraq. Arab strongmen like Saddam have ruled by the sword and the gun for generations. Today, Iraq took a giant step forward to a different and better way. To be sure, Saddam will be found guilty and hanged someday soon, but it will not be a bullet in the dark, it will be justice.

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October 19, 2005 at 10:54 pm

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Right Wing Moonbat Update

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The vicious hatred of the Westboro Baptist Church continues, but some people aren’t putting up with it:

God spoke with the roar of revving motorcycle engines during a protest Tuesday by six members of a Kansas church that believes God is punishing the U.S. for protecting homosexuals by killing soldiers overseas.

Chelsea residents, however, believed God spoke on their behalf as the engines of more than 100 Veterans of Foreign Wars motorcycles drowned out the voices of the Westboro Baptist Church members who were allowed to protest from 1-1:30 p.m. before the 2 p.m. funeral services for Staff Sgt. John Glen Doles.

Bravo for citizens of Chelsea and the bikers.

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October 13, 2005 at 11:05 am

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Peggy Noonan’s Way Out

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Peggy Noonan suggests some ways out of the Miers nomination. I’m still inclined to trust the President, but it’s certainly more important to me that the conservative side of the political aisle does not fracture. To me, the number one – far and above all else – issue is the Global War on Terror, and I would have sacrificed John Roberts on that altar – or any other nominee. As opposition seems to be growing, perhaps Ms. Noonan ought to be given a hearing (which, she deserves anyway, of course).

Is there a way out for the White House? Yes. Change plans at LaGuardia. Remember the wisdom of New York’s Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who said, “I don’t make a lot of mistakes but when I do it’s a beaut!”? The Miers pick was a mistake. The best way to change the story is to change the story. Here’s one way.

The full Tim McCarthy. He was the Secret Service agent who stood like Stonewall and took the bullet for Ronald Reagan outside the Washington Hilton. Harriet Miers can withdraw her name, take the hit, and let the president’s protectors throw him in the car. Her toughness and professionalism would appear wholly admirable. She’d not just survive; she’d flourish, going from much-spoofed office wife to world-famous lawyer and world-class friend. Added side benefit: Her nobility makes her attackers look bad. She’s better than they, more loyal and serious. An excellent moment of sacrifice and revenge.

This would be the best option, in my opinion. But there’s more, of course, which you should read from the lady herself.

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October 13, 2005 at 8:02 am

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