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Spoiled Brats

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I don’t know the reasons behind the impending NFL strike. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

War on Terror. Unemployment. Wisconsin. Mexican drug lords. Afghanistan. Tunisia. Egypt. Saudi Arabia. Libya. Rising Gas prices. Falling stock market. Excess housing inventory. A freakin’ 8.9 quake in Japan. 88,000 missing. Nuclear meltdown. The rest of us coping with life.

And I’m supposed to care about some overpaid football players? I don’t. They need to STFU. Play or don’t. I don’t care. They are irrelevant.

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March 12, 2011 at 2:55 am

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Barack Obama, Author for Children

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Can you make this stuff up? Apparently, BHO will release his book for the little ones after the election.

Now I’ve read the article. I see that he supposedly wrote this book before the inauguration, and that the deal came way back in 2004. Indeed, since Random House did not publish Obama’s second book (2006 anyway) this $1.9mm deal apparently was based on the success of Obama’s first book (probably written by Bill Ayers) and his speech at the 2004 DNC. In all honesty, if I was a publishing exec, I probably would have bet on this horse for that kind of money.

That having been said, have we ever had any president like this? I mean, I called him the lightest of the lightweights. Now, while I was wrong about his electability – I completely underestimated the electorate – I was not wrong about his lightweight status. If one needs any confirmation, he has now published a children’s book while in office. At a time, I might add, when this nation is beset by terrorism, economic turmoil, enemies like Iran developing nuclear weapons, rivals like China controlling our debt and developing carrier-killing missiles, borders with our neighbors resembling the loser towel in the Bounty challenge, and not least, our troops in the field and in harm’s way.

At this time, the President of the United States is about to publish a children’s book.


All this is even accepting at face value Random House’s assertion that both contract and writing took place before the inauguration. Okay. I guess the illustrations did take a long time. Certainly longer than most books take to be published – even those absent a presidential author.

In the end it’s all probably how Random House says. But I really have to question the symbolism, not to mention precedent, of a president of the United States publishing a book during his term, and in this genre.


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September 16, 2010 at 12:15 am

Hollywood Bails

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Long-term readers know I have little time for the shenanigans that occasionally erupt from Hollywood. With some notable exceptions, every time a so-called celebrity opens his or her own mouth to emit words not written by someone else but which germinated in the fevered recesses of their own ‘intellects,’ the result is typically inane liberal blather. If the occasional written piece is any indication, many of those words are also misspelled. If from this you gather I do not hold Hollywood types in high intellectual esteem, you would be correct.

However, they are a major constituency of the Democratic party, giving much in both time and money, and rarely being shrinking violets about it. So is it significant that recent oscar winner (for some movie most people missed) George Clooney is having problems with prominent Democrats? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look good:

“Just look at the way so many Democrats caved in the runup to the war. In 2003, a lot of us were saying, where is the link between Saddam and Bin Laden? What does Iraq have to do with 9/11? We knew it was bulls —.

“Which is why it drives me crazy to hear all these Democrats saying, ‘We were misled.’ It makes me want to shout, ‘F— you, you weren’t misled. You were afraid of being called unpatriotic.'”

This echoes, Michael Moore, Mother Sheehan, the Kossacks, and other assorted moonbats for whom the war (and not just Iraq) is THE one and only issue. These guys produce a lot of the money that will be needed for 2008. Stay tuned.

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March 13, 2006 at 3:11 pm


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Oh my. It’s come to this. I’ve felt compelled to post on the Michael Jackson case.

First, a bit of disclosure – I’m not a lawyer.

That having been said, I thought the prosecution bungled this case badly. I didn’t follow it closely, but I was not uninformed. I personally believe that Michael Jackson is a child molester, although I admit I have not one shred of actual evidence to support that belief.

And that was the problem.

The prosecution apparently believed they could secure the conviction of someone in the United States based purely on appearances. Nonsense. I simply cannot believe that the DA brought this case. It was amazingly weak. The accuser and his family had no credibility. The other supposed victim could not testify to the charges at hand. None of the called employees witnessed anything. The prosecution screwed up. I believe the man to be guilty, yet had I been on that jury I would have voted to acquit him of every charge based on the ‘evidence’ presented. This is still a country where the rule of law applies.

I am struck at the reaction of the media. They can’t quite grasp it. They seem to think that this was so open and shut that Jackson should have been convicted on the basis of the accusation. How terrifying, and how enlightening. The MSM, the self-appointed guardians of our society, would convict a man based on their belief in his guilt. I can’t help but think that they’re disappointed that they don’t get to cover the MJ goes to jail story. Even here, the MSM lacks credibility.

I hope Jackson realizes the second chance he has received. I hope he mends his ways, and receives the help he obviously needs. That having been said, the MSM needs to acknowledge that its obvious thirst to cover the “Jackson goes to jail” story is despicable, and in no way serves the public, the victims, or anyone other than the journalists themselves.

Update Professor Bainbridge says:

Personally, I don’t believe anybody associated with this trial came off very well. Pretty much everybody was oozing a trail of slime wherever they went.

That strikes me as just about right.

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June 14, 2005 at 8:00 am

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Meanwhile in West Virginia …

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… Martha Stewart is released from prison.

Protein Wisdom had the inside scoop.

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March 4, 2005 at 10:59 pm

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Hollywood Behind the Curve

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Hollywood gets it wrong again. The first female president will not be a white liberal. She will be a black conservative.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for fake TV – the reality show will be along soon enough.

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March 3, 2005 at 11:09 am

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Silly Grammys

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The entertainment industry’s love affair with the Clintons appears to have more fire than their own, what with Bill now winning a second grammy for his cinderblock book:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton won the second Grammy Award of his career on Sunday, when he was honored in the spoken word category for his best-selling memoir “My Life.”

The Clinton’s now have three grammys between them – but not to worry, I’m sure they’ve got another one set aside for Hillary for whatever next drips from her poison pen …

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February 14, 2005 at 2:07 pm

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