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Time Surrenders

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Time Magazine has surrendered. Apparently, it can no longer keep up the pretense that it’s an objective, professional reporter of the news. Time Magazine, once respected, is just a hack – at best.

But not just any kind of hack – a hack who has made common cause with the enemies of freedom. I thought it was bad enough a couple of weeks ago to see this cover slandering the American people:

But then this week, there was this anti-Semitic trash:

Sure, one cover is posed as a question and the other has flowers, which makes them oh so reasonable. Right? Who can object to an innocent question? No one, unless the questions are loaded to start. Americans are racists and Israelis are warmongers. One can’t even call that the subtext – that’s the lead. I can only conclude that Time has surrendered, and no longer has any pretense of objectivity. Time is on the side of the Islamofascists and just ought to admit it. Certainly there’s no reason to actually read this rag anymore.

Update: Henry Oliner over at American Thinker has more.

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September 7, 2010 at 12:44 am

MSNBC Makes a Good Call

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MSNBC has cancelled the execrable Maury and Connie duet weekend morning program. If you caught any part of it during its brief run, you were insulted by ill-informed banal commentary, not to mention an odd lack of chemistry between the co-hosts – all the scarier as they are married to one another.

Anyway, I wouldn’t ordinarily have opined on such a topic were it not for the bizarre – literal – swansong Connie Chung performed for their last show. A must see.

Via Drudge.

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June 19, 2006 at 10:51 am

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Meanwhile, the Guardian Tries …

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… to scare us.

And yet, in doing so makes the case for dealing with Iran sooner, not later.

(And I love the conceit that Hillary will be president after running against McCain. You do know that in my view, John McCain has less chance of being the Republican nominee than I do? However, if he is, he wins against Hillary in a rout.)

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April 20, 2006 at 9:54 am

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Stoneless Story – The Ellen Goodman Version

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Well, it seems the “Jill Carroll abused by right-wing bloggers” theme is developing into an outright meme. At least that’s the case when a well-known columnist like Ellen Goodman stoops to outright duplicity. (Or sleight of hand, your call.) In this column from the Boston Globe, she moralizes that “Bloggers owe Jill Carroll an apology.”

Do they? This one surely does not, and I’ll stack up my rightwing credentials next to anybody’s. I never wrote a word about Jill Carroll’s release before this week, and nothing that was derogatory. I do find this latest (jealous) attack on the blogosphere to be more than a little farfetched. Let’s take a look:

Remember when a former CBS executive described bloggers as guys in pajamas writing in their living rooms? Well, it seems that many have only one exercise routine: jumping to conclusions.

Starting out by repeating a gratuitous slur is particularly silly when one recalls that the blogosphere was right and the CBS executive wrong. Just like him, Goodman attempts to denigrate that which she can’t refute.

However, unlike the last time we looked at this, Goodman does at least name some names:

The printouts on my desk describe the 28-year-old journalist, a hostage and victim for 82 terrifying days, as something between Patty Hearst and Baghdad Jane, between a traitor and ”Princess Jill.” TBone posted a potshot, calling Carroll ”a liar” and the kidnapping ”a total scam.” PA Pundits said that ”I still just can’t get past her being (for the most part) unharmed.” And Debbie Schlussel called her a ”spoiled brat America-hater.”

At first, the only name I even recognized was Debbie Schlussel, whom I tend to lump in with the fringe, but if she wants to count her, OK. She’s not A-list, but she’s known. And she seems to be examining Carroll’s views and motivations from a reporter’s perspective – I’m not sure what’s wrong with that unless Ellen Goodman somehow believes reporters are above such questions.

But the other two blogs are a stretch (and let’s note they come first). I went looking and found the TBone story and the PAPundits piece. Like I said, I’d never heard of these guys, but wow, what a scoop!

TBone is a blog about fifteen months old that averages around 800 hits a month. No shame there, this blog doesn’t do that much better. He’s skeptical about the story, and that’s all. Hardly a representative of the blogosphere. So I then looked at PAPundits and find they’ve been around less time – since September 2005 – and they’re bigger, averaging better than 8600 hits a month. Goodman doesn’t even bother, however to quote them honestly. Here’s what she quotes:

I still just can’t get past her being (for the most part) unharmed.

(Harsh words indeed.) And here’s what they actually say:

For everyone out there that is whining about how mistreated Jill Carroll has been by the blogs, I say — Fah! — .

The basic fundimental question of why she was released has not been answered. Until we get some answers as to why she was released, pretty much unharmed, after her kidnappers didn’t get what they wanted …

It just doesn’t add up to me, but then I am a distrusting soul.

I really couldn’t care less about the anti-american remarks she made shortly after her release. That really doesn’t phase me and I am willing to let that go. Her remarks in Germany pretty much cancel out her comments anyway.

I still just can’t get past her being (for the most part) unharmed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am HAPPY she’s is fine, I am HAPPY she is alive and free. I just don’t understand why her captors chose to do what they did.

He thinks there’s something fishy about it – maybe there is. I don’t know, and I’m sure Ellen Goodman doesn’t either.

But that’s all she’s got, two bloggers (I don’t count Schlussel), one tiny, one modest. Of course, there’s no story there (not to mention no links; I had to Google them.) So she resorts to this subterfuge:

The political bloggers first flexed their muscle in 2002 when they trumped the MSM — blogspeak for Mainstream Media — by forcing Trent Lott out of the Senate speakership after he toasted the good old segregated days of Strom Thurmond. In 2004, they proved the power of the Internet as a great equalizer when they confronted the house of CBS and Dan Rather over Bush’s military records.

Two years later, we have — ready, fire, aim — the Jill Carroll affair. These attacks raise the question of what bloggery is going to be when it grows up. An Internet op-ed page? Or a polarized, talk-radio food fight?

One must marvel at the chutzpah. It works on at least two levels. First, conflating the injustice of attacking Jill Carroll with the CBS forgeries. I agree that all the evidence suggests that Jill Carroll got lucky and she should be left alone. However, despite Ms. Goodman’s attempt to place Dan Rather and CBS in the same category, it just doesn’t work.

This wasn’t about “Bush’s military records.” This was about Dan Rather and CBS news knowingly using forgeries to attempt to slander a sitting Presidnet of the United States and influence the outcome of an election. This was despicable behavior and Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, and others lost their jobs over it. This simply doesn’t compare to Jill Carroll.

Secondly, the idea that bloggers such as TBone and PAPundits are the ones responsible for the Rather takedown (or Lott’s) is equally ridiculous. It was people like Captain’s Quarters, Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit, INDC Journal, many others I’ve forgotten, but most of all Power Line. These are the big blogs, the influential blogs. These are the blogs that collectively receive hundreds of thousands of hits a month. These are the ones that took down Dan Rather, and these are the ones that matter in the Jill Carroll story. And they aren’t attacking her which Goodman must know, otherwise she’d have cited them instead of small fry. Of course, then she wouldn’t be able to say silly things like this:

The difference between old media and new, MSM and blog, says Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute, is the difference between sitting at a restaurant and having your food delivered nicely plated or standing at a buffet nibbling constantly. It’s the 24/7 news cycle brought down to the 604,800 seconds-per-week cycle.\nIn the wake of the Carroll story, a few — far too few — bloggers stopped stocking the buffet long enough to eat their words. But this case provides a juncture for bloggers who want a respected role in the public debate.

Of course, this straw man is knocked down just by the bloggers Goodman cites.

Ellen Goodman has written a scurrilous attack piece. It’s as bad as anything she ‘accuses’ bloggers of doing, worse given its intellectual dishonesty, and for reasons which she only knows but others can guess at. Might they have something to do with the Globe’s financial and circulation woes?

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April 7, 2006 at 12:00 pm

Stoneless Story

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The Telegraph appears to be drumming up a story with very little substance. Perhaps they forgot to bring the stone before they tried to make soup.

I’m pleased Jill Carroll has been released, and thought her statements before leaving Iraq seemed odd, I’m more than satisfied with her explanation that she had to make them in order to be released in the first place. But this is ridiculous:

Miss Carroll has been under sustained assault from some on the pro-war Right. Bloggers and hosts on the country’s influential talk radio stations have attacked her for stating that she had not been threatened during her confinement.

Others attacked her for wearing Muslim dress and the news channel CNN carried an interview suggesting that she was suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”, in which victims begin to sympathise with their captors. One blogger called for Miss Carroll to be arrested for treason.

This is absurd. No bloggers are identified. No bloggers are linked. No bloggers are quoted directly. This isn’t journalism – it’s slander. I can’t help but note that the only entity mentioned by name is CNN, which if the Telegraph thinks is part of the “pro-war Right” they need to update their glossary.

I haven’t seen her attacked by a single blogger on the Right, at least from among the ones I read regularly.

I still get the meme from liberal friends that the media is not biased towards the Left. Articles like this show how ridiculous that view is.

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April 3, 2006 at 10:32 am

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Keep them Sealed

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Drudge is reporting that some are contemplating seeking to unseal John Kerry’s sealed divorce records.

My view here is simple: don’t.

I didn’t think Jack Ryan’s records should be unsealed, but once they were, I couldn’t find anything in them to cause him to drop out of the race.  But he did, and that’s history. There is relevance to Kerry’s public record: his service in Vietnam, his anti-war activities, his activities in elective office.  Those things are fair game (whether he thinks so or not), but a divorce that took place more than a decade ago is just not relevant to a presidential campaign.

The media should stop trying to dig up dirt for the sake a headline.  It’s not like it will suddenly make them relevant again.


Instapundit concurs.

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June 28, 2004 at 5:57 pm

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What the?

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It could be me.  It could be the BBC. (No points for guessing right on this one.)

OK.  Somebody snapped a pic of GWB wearing a ‘wifebeater,’ or a ‘guinea t-shirt.’ (At least I think so.  What’s a “vest” in Irish?) So what?  Is that all they have to do over there?  I watched the press conference on Fox this afternoon and some loser reporter who had the opportunity to ask the most powerful man in the world a question, asked President Bush if he was worried that Europeans don’t like him.

Criminy – has it come to this?  I mean, there’s a WAR on.  People are DYING.  This is SERIOUS. And the press is snickering about underwear and worrying about the popular clique.  It’s like they never got out of high school.

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June 26, 2004 at 10:31 pm

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