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It’s Crawl Over Broken Glass Day!

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The day is upon us, and it is time to vote out the failed Obama experiment. In truth, I'm not certain he thinks he's failed, since part of me still thinks that this is what he and his Alinskyite allies planned all along.

But, for the rest of us, this is abject failure. And four more years would only make it worse. Possibly unfixably worse.

More debt, more spending, more regulation, more government control, more environmental restrictions, more division, more failed foreign policy, more bowing, more dead Mexicans, more dead Americans, more tyranny!

Less jobs, less economic growth, less energy independence, less household income, less healthcare, less purchasing power, less military power, less international respect, less unity, less freedom!

Romney has made the case for a brighter future. He's got the experience and the vision to bring this country back to greatness. He gets it. Cut spending. Cut taxes. Cut regulation. Get government out of the way, and watch the innate resilience of America roar back. Keep our national defense strong, and bow to no one.

MartiniPundit proudly endorses Mitt Romney for president. Now go out and vote for him. And while you're at it, vote straight Republican down ticket. President Romney is going to need a congress willing to work with him to get the job done.

Vote! Crawl over broken glass but vote!

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Three IV

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10:32 – And here comes Romney!

10:33 – Romney’s coming in like a President does for the State of the Union address. Brilliant!

10:42 – Solid beginning. You were promised change, but it didn’t happen. You’re working harder. He wants America to succeed, so he wished President Obama had succeeded, but he didn’t.

10:45 – Neil Armstrong’s boots made a permanent impression on the moon and on our souls. Nice.

10:46 – The confidence to know that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American. Can anyone imagine Obama saying something like that?

10:54 – You know there’s something wrong when the best feeling you have for Barack Obama was the day you voted for him.

10:58 – In America we celebrate success, we don’t apologize for success.

11:00 – Now turning to the future. What can be. Just what he needs to do.

11:04 – Energy independence. Yes, jobs, and kicking our enemies to the curb.

11:08 – No, Mr. President, America takes out dictators.

11:09 – Hitting hard on foreign policy. “Our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin a little less flexibility.”

11:11 – Looks like the peroration is coming.

11:12 – A military so strong that no nation will dare test it.

11:13 – Done and one. Romney did what he needed to do in this speech.

A glass raised to the 45th President of the United States!

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Three III

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10:02 – Clint Eastwood!

10:03 – Save a little for Mitt. Heh.

10:06 – Eastwood is talking to an empty chair in which he’s having an imaginary dialogue with Obama. That’s fantastic! And Obama told him to shut up!

10:08 – “I’m not gonna shut up. It’s my turn.”

10:09 – “You’re getting as bad as Biden.” This is vicious. I love it.

10:11 – Apparently Obama is suggesting Romney and Eastwood do something to themselves which is anatomically improbable.

10:12 – We own this country. Politicians are our employees. That is the truth.

10:14 – OK, Eastwood stole the show. Can’t say I’m surprised.

10:15 – And here comes Rubio. Tough act to follow.

10:19 – The problem with Obama is not that he’s a bad person. He’s a bad president.

10:22 – Fourth Martini.

10:24 – “To whom much is given, much will be required.” St. Benedict not Karl Marx.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Two II

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9:02 – The founder of Staples is speaking. The Obama campaign wants us to focus on one closed steel mill, and ignore the success that Bain made of Staples. How many people are employed by Staples? How many businesses are empowered by Staples? I'm thinking a lot.

9:43 – The Olympians are speaking. Kinda slow. I think it’s time for the third Martini!

10:01 – The obligatory slickly produced video on the candidate. Nicely done. Cute kids.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Three

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So, the third and last day of the RNC. Martini in hand, I await the big moment – Romney's acceptance speech.

7:52 pm – Newt and Callista Gingrich are tag-teaming. Not the best time slot, but good in the interest of party unity.

8:00 – Good video by elected Hispanics. Best part was the other party taking them for granted. Needs to be said early and often.

8:05 – Jeb Bush takes the podium. His brother “kept us safe.” All too true, and Obama has not.

8:07 – Time to stop blaming your predecessor. A real leader would take responsibility.

8:09 – Segueing to education. Good. A critical area in our country which has too long been in the iron grip of unions and lefties. Our public education performance is abysmal.

8:38 – Two old folks are at the podium. A retired firefighter and his wife from Medford, MA. The race to prove Romney isn’t a vulcan is on.

8:46 – Powerful story by a mother who nearly lost her daughter of three months. Mitt was there for her family.

8:50 – Second Martini.

8:51 – Bain Capital has been spoken out loud! Let the true story come out.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Two IV

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10:26 – RNC video looking at the magnificent USS Wisconsin. Paul Ryan comng up!

10:27 – I think the election turns on this speech. This will change the trajectory.

10:28 – Word is, much of this is his stump speech. We'll see.

10:29 – Wow! That forum is packed!

10:30 – The President is pretty experienced at throwing away money. Heh.

10:34 – Focus on Obama’s failure. Plants he promised would stay open that haven’t. College graduates unable to find work. The Stimulus patronage and cronyism.

10:37 – Rules, mandates, fees, and fines that have no place in a free country. Welcome to Obamacare.

10:38 – “The biggest, coldest part of Obamacare came at the expense of the elderly. 716 billion dollars funneled out of Medicare to pay for an entitlement we didn’t even ask for. The greatest threat to Medicare is Obamacare.” Ouch.

10:40 – Who would have thought Medicare would be a Republican issue this time. Paul Ryan, that’s who.

10:42 – A presidency grasping at yesterday’s wind. Lovely.

10:43 – We have suffered no shortage of words. What is missing is leadership.

10:46 – They have no answer to this simple reality: we need to stop spending money we don’t have. Yes! Math is hard!

10:49 – Betty!

10:51 – A shoutout to Jack Kemp, and well deserved!

10:53 – Obama may blame others but the rest of us have to live in his economy. College students shouldn’t have to stare at faded Obama posters for hope. Brilliant.

10:54 – A country where everything is free but us. Tell it Brother Paul!

10:56 – A challenger must stand on his own merits.

10:57 – I’ve heard songs on Governor Romney’s iPod that I’ve heard on elevators. Generation X is here!

11:00 – Ryan also tackles the Mormon issue. Bearing the image of the Lord of Life, we are made for a reason.

11:01 – Even presidents need reminding, that our rights come from nature and nature’s God.

11:03 – “Let’s get this done.” The next vice president of the United States, and clearly the future president of the United States.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Two III

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9:55 – Condi! Condi! Condi!

9:56 – MSNBC has just cut to a commercial.

9:57 – Why has this woman removed herself from the political field? I understand, I sympathize, I just don’t approve.

9:58 – “We stand for free peoples, and free markets. We will defend and support them.” Amen.

10:01 – “We do not have a choice. We cannot be reluctant to lead. And you cannot lead from behind.”

10:02 – Our military strength will be safe in Mitt Romney’s hands. Implication: it is not in Obama’s.

10:05 – I must note that Phyllis Schlafly would approve of Condi’s outfit. Also, if Qaddafi were still alive he’d be Tivoing this speech.

10:08 – Immigration is a major theme that a lot of these speakers are hitting. Not illegal but legal immigration. I wonder if it’s too subtle though.

10:14 – All I can say is she’s still young. Run for office Condi!

10:15 – Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico.

10:17 – She speaks of a .357 Magnum. Wow.

10:21 – “I’ll be damned! We’re Republicans!” I see a Bumper sticker.

10:23 – The national debt: He did build that.

10:24 – Martini number four!

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Two II

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9:00 – Senator Rob Portman speaks. The 'safe' VP choice. Good for him though, he says the list wasn't short enough.

9:02 – Great question: with which candidate would you invest your life savings. Crikey, that’s not even hard for liberals.

9:03 – FDR and Truman won an entire World War in four years. Heh.

9:04 – Blaming others does not qualify as a plan. Also, zero votes for his budget which is a failure of leadership.

9:08 – Framing the election as a choice, not a referendum. Like Medicare, the Republicans are this time playing on the Democratic field and winning. This is different.

9:09 – “No more years!” Heh.

9:11 – Telling the story of his parents building their business. Again and again, this is the quintessential American story. Barack Obama doesn’t get that, and I very much doubt he gets how alien his “You didn’t build that” sounds to American ears. Liz Warren, aka ‘Crockajawea,’ gave him this. It may be her biggest contribution to the 2012 election cycle.

9:18 – Luis Fortuno, Governor of Puerto Rico is speaking. MSNBC you gettin’ this? Copy that.

9:30 – Lord, Tim Pawlenty and the third Martini. Those two things don’t go together!

9:31 – Good lines, some Obama bashing, but this guy is still from Minnesota.

9:33 – Best Line Ever! Sorry Obama, “a lot of people fail at their first job.”

9:37 – “Can do spirit and a lifetime of success.” This is a key thing about Romney. He has succeeded at every single thing he has ever attempted, with the sole exception of unseating Ted Kennedy in 1994. My nephew asked about his inability to get the nomination in 2008, but that too is a success. Republicans run in advance, and get nominated in the next available cycle. And so it is with Romney.

9:39 – Mike Huckabee takes the podium.

9:48 – Talking about Evangelicals supporting someone who isn’t and notes the only Evangelical running is Obama. “An attack on my Catholic brothers and sisters is an attack on me.”

9:49 – “I care far less about where Mitt Romney takes his family to church, than where he takes this country.” Mike Huckabee is probably the most prominent Evangelical politician in the country. For him to say these things is really important.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day Two

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So, still on the first Martini, and caught snippets of some earlier speeches. Must say that Mitch McConnell is a slice of wonder bread, still he's more lively than Harry “the corpse” Reid. And Rand Paul is setting himself up as a loyal opposition of sorts. Still, he called for Romney's election, and that's a good thing. From what I've been reading today, I'm sorry I missed the Mia Love speech, but I understand so did the MSNBC viewers. Apparently, they also missed everyone else of color too except for Nikki Haley. Hmm, racist much?

8:00 pm – John McCain. I may not have much to say about him.

8:06 – Talking about leaking secrets from the White House. McCain does have some moral authority here.

8:09 – Calling Obama out for failing to support the Iranians in their rebellion. Obama is right up there with Carter on fecklessness where Iran is concerned.

8:12 – McCain has already mentioned Romney more than Santorum and Christie combined.

8:30 – Tag team attorneys general. Interesting floor show. He looks a bit like Jon Lovitz, she looks like she isn’t old enough to vote.

8:33 – The really important update: second Martini!

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One V

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So the first night of the GOP convention is over and I have also finished the fifth Martini.

A good night overall, and much was accomplished that needed to be. That having been said I'm not convinced the ball was hit out of the park. The various speakers all did a good job, and some, like Christie, did what they needed to do. Ann Romney swung for the stands and reached the outfield at least. My sense is that Day One of the RNC holds ground, but doesn't advance the ball much. Tomorrow will be another day.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One IV

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10:35 – Chris Christie!

10:36 – A NJ Republican, proud of his state, and proud of his country.

10:37 – Fifth Martini!

10:38 – His mom didn’t suffer fools, and was tough as nails. Sounds like my NJ grandmother.

10:41 – Romney is sitting next to Condi Rice listening to this speech. Some might read into that; I merely note it.

10:43 – Switching to blue state ills. Not like the swing states, of which NJ is not, but the same story. Cuts taxes in a state that raised taxes 115 times in the few years before he became guv.

10:45 – Moving up to the real theme of this election. Are the American people adults, ready for the truth and not politicians who pander? This is the critical question. The ideas of the Dems have failed. It’s time for the truth. It’s time for math.

10:47 – They believe the American people need to be coddled and live the lie.

10:49 – Major theme: Dems believe that every interest group will put themselves before others. Might be true as the Dems have made electoral hay out of this idea for decades. Still, it is worth hoping for the better angels of our nature.

10:51 – “If we can do this in a blue state like NJ with a conservative governor, then Washington DC is out of excuses.” Amen governor.

10:55 – “Real leaders change polls.” Not since Reagan have we had that kind of President.

10:57 – “I want our children to live in a second American century.” Sounds good to me.

10:58 – Literally calls for everyone to stand up. Brilliant!

11:00 – Christie wraps up. Nice job. Red meat and solid American values. We can handle the truth he says, which I think is the critical theme of this election. If we can’t handle the truth, better to know sooner rather than later. Either way, Christie did what keynoters do, he established himself as a major player on the national scale. Thanks for reading, I’m off to finish that last Martini.


Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One III

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10:11 – Ann Romney speaks.

10:12 – Praying for those in the path of the hurricane. Classy.

10:15 – “I’ve heard your voices.” Nice.

10:16 – “I love you women!” Eh, a bit much.

10:20 – Humble roots in Wales. Who knew? Certainly not those who keep talking about silver spoons.

10:21 – She a Episcopalian, he a Mormon.

10:22 – Storybook marriages don’t have five screaming kids on a winter night or MS or breast cancer. They have a real marriage.

10:25 – Amazes her to see Mitt’s success attacked. Well, jealousy is the green-eyed monster …

10:31 – She’s genuine. Not a great speech, and what you would expect from a loving spouse, but she does come across as the real deal. Very nervous, but she told it like it is. And out comes Mitt!

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One II

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9:12 – Rick Santorum is scheduled to speak shortly. I'm not a fan, and quite glad he didn't become the nominee since I don't believe he was electable. However, he does speak to social conservatives and that is a key constituency that Romney will need to have energized. Let's hope Santorum does the right thing here, without providing fodder for the other side.

9:19 – Rick Santorum is at the podium. Talking about his 93 year old mother from FL. His family. Shout out to his son at the Citadel – good for him. His grandfather didn’t come here for government benefits, he came here for freedom. Now a nightmare of dependency under Obama. Just about.

9:24 – Solid stuff, but not what I might call soaring rhetoric. Perhaps his fruit is past season.

9:26 – It’s important to remember that Santorum could have dragged the Republican primary on and on. He deserves kudos for not doing so, and he earned this speaking slot.

9:29 – Okay, the hands metaphor is good, but sounds oddly off coming from this guy.

9:33 – Quoting the Declaration is always good. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

9:35 – Fifteen minutes or so, and didn’t forget to actually mention Romney by name. One has to wonder where Santorum goes from here. Not president, certainly, but perhaps a run for governor. Personally, I think he ought to cultivate outside interests.

9:47 – Fourth Martini. Artur Davis is speaking.

9:48 – Governor Romney can’t sing, but he can lead, and we know which skill we need more. Heh!

9:49 – Led with dreams, inclusiveness, and how that high rhetoric has faded.

9:51 – Middle America get ready to shell out 60 bucks to fill your car. Priceless!

9:52 – Speaking to non-Republicans. They know their votes didn’t build the country they wanted. Ask yourself if these Democrats in Charlotte speak for you. Brilliant.

9:54 – Clinton, Kennedy, and Johnson reached across the aisle. Obama rammed through healthcare without the other party.

9:55 – Glad this guy switched teams. I think he should run again.

9:56 – Nikki Haley!

9:58 – Off with a bang on small business. Her parents built their business, and SC is business friendly.

10:00 – Backing voter ID, and noting that Obama sued SC. On to Boeing!

10:01 – Obama sues Boeing for creating jobs in two states. Tell it Guv’na.

Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One

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It's 8:30 pm EST, on the second Martini, and Governor John Kasich of Ohio is speaking. He just slammed Biden's golf game and veracity in one blow. And we're off!

8:40 pm – The Governor of Oklahoma is speaking. If I recall correctly, every county in OK voted Republican last time around.

8:45 – Bob McDonnell of Virginia is up. Starting out with hope. Reminds everyone that Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry were guvs of VA.

8:48 – The guvs are doing the legwork, laying the foundation for change. Hey, hope and change!

8:50 – In states with Rep guvs, average unemployment is a point lower than in states with Dem guvs. Good point.

8:53 – He’s done. Short and sweet. Made the necessary point that conservative policies are working at the state level and it’s time to kick them up to the national level.

8:58 – Scott Walker! Scourge of unions, occupiers, and deranged lefties everywhere!

9:01 – This is good. OH, VA, WI, all telling the same story. Obama has nothing to match this in the blue states. Quite the opposite.

9:06 – Third Martini.

Shame on You Todd Akin

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So the self-described conservative Todd Akin is clinging to his senate bid. Just like a Democrat. Shameful.

We conservatives hold ourselves to a higher standard. The Democrats have their Weiners, Rangels, Spitzers, Geithners, Bidens, and Clintons among others. Some left, some stayed, but none were told to hit the road by their party. All clung to their power as long as they could. All were shielded by their co-ideologues.

That's the difference between the parties. The Republicans enforce decency and the Democrats shield indecency. Todd Akin, isolated and alone, is clinging to power, country and party be damned.

Yes, he apologized, and well he should. But that doesn't excuse terminal stupidity, callousness, and lack of judgment. Qualities already plentiful in the senate, and no more of them needed.

Shame on you Todd Akin. You had the chance to retrieve some honor from your foolishness. Now, all you have – win or lose – is shame, ignominy, and ridicule. Go, before it's too late. But go, for God's sake, go.


Pass the Boehner Plan

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I’ve been as agnostic as possible on the debt debate going on in Washington, but it is clear to me that doing nothing is not an option. That will result in the downgrade of the US credit which will raise the cost of borrowing for all Americans – not to mention being downright embarrassing.

Now it is very clear that it is the democrats who have brought us to this impasse. True, the republicans spent way too much from 2001 to 2006. They lost control of Congress because of it. But the democrats didn’t draw the right conclusion and since they have been in control have spent even more. When President Bush left office the debt was just under 10 trillion which he had basically doubled. It is important to note that at that point, the democrats had controlled Congress for two years. Meanwhile, under President Obama, we’ve racked up nearly 5 trillion in additional debt. In other words, Obama racked up almost the entire Bush debt in one quarter of the time.

In the short term, we clearly need to raise the debt limit in order to quiet the markets and prevent a downgrade of the US credit rating. (A VERY BAD THING.)

The Boehner bill is hardly perfect, but it appears to be the best that can be achieved while the democrats still control the senate and the presidency. To oppose it because it is not perfect is insane. Politics is the art of the possible.

Pass the Boehner bill.

Written by martinipundit

July 29, 2011 at 12:22 am

Wish I Could Vote for This Guy

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Living as I do in the Massachusetts 8 district, I have very little hope of an upset in my district. That’s because ‘my’ congressman is running unopposed, pretty much guaranteeing a democrat win. I am certainly hoping for a change in Massachusetts 4, but I fully expect the voters in Newton to check their intellect at the door again. (I Personally know two voters in Newton who have lost their jobs due to Barney Frank’s actions vis-a-vis Fannie and Freddie. I fully expect both of them to vote for him regardless. Is it any wonder these dinosaurs are arrogant and drunk with power?)

Today, though, I came across a video of the guy running against Stenny Hoyer in Maryland 5. I could wax at length, but I think the guy speaks for himself. Watch:

Stenny Hoyer misrepresented the role of Congress in spending, and then both threatened and physically assaulted his opponent after he was called on it in a debate. Hoyer is a thug, and Lollar is both an officer and a gentleman. His response to Hoyer’s assault is laudatory – it’s not like he couldn’t wipe the floor with Hoyer who no doubt counted on just that kind of restraint. Lollar is exactly the sort of person we need in Congress and I wish I could vote for him. If you live in Maryland 5, I urge you to support Charles Lollar.

His website is here.

Written by martinipundit

October 21, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Joe Sobran, R.I.P.

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Today I read Ann Coulter’s column with great sadness – Joe Sobran has died.

I do not recall his National Review days, and indeed, I first became acquainted with his superlative writing through his book “Alias Shakespeare.” As a fellow Oxfordian, I was intrigued by his writing, and later became a devotee of his columns as published on his website. I did, over the last few years, lose track of his writings in the overall internet din.

I’m sorry I did. I enjoyed his writings immensely, and I now learn that no less than Ann Coulter was a fan too.

May flights of angels carry him to his rest. He now knows for certain who wrote that line.

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October 7, 2010 at 12:02 am

Murkowski Concedes

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Lisa Murkowski has conceded in Alaska.

Murkowski trailed Miller, a Fairbanks attorney, by 1,668 votes after last week’s primary. Election officials began counting absentee and outstanding ballots Tuesday. Murkowski made slight gains, but was never able to get Miller’s lead below 1,200 votes.

I have not been a fan of Lisa Murkowski since she was appointed to her senate seat by her father – icky. As it happens, her voting record also left something to be desired, and so I’m very pleased to see her go down. Joe Miller is almost certainly the next senator from Alaska.

Many will chalk this up to the so-called “anti-incumbent’ fervor of this year, but I think it’s something different. People are tired of politics as usual which generally seems to mean those who become part of Washington rather than remain one of their constituents. One can be an incumbent and avoid this – John McCain leaps to mind, but we’ll need to see what actually happens in the elections. Still, I can’t help but think that the ‘anti-incumbent’ meme is really about ignoring the losses of those politicians who’ve become to much part of the Beltway club. This year, that’s mostly democrats, but not entirely.

However, in the end, there’s going to be a lot of new blood in Congress, much of it part of the Tea Party, and all of it unbeholden to ‘politics as usual.’

Key question: will Murkowski support Miller in the general election or be a spoiler of some sort?

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August 31, 2010 at 11:20 pm

Sanity in Massachusetts

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I never thought I would live to see it.

Massachusetts has not only elected a Republican to the United States Senate, but to the seat held by Ted Kennedy for nearly five decades and his brother President Kennedy before that.

This is a stunning repudiation of Barack Obama who one year ago took office. He and the Democrats misread their mandate completely, and have now been told clearly in three elections that the American people don’t want what they’re peddling. I doubt very much that Obama will absorb the message, but I bet many Democrats in Congress will.

I proudly voted for Scott Brown today. It may very well have been the most consequential vote I ever cast.

Written by martinipundit

January 19, 2010 at 11:02 pm

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