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The 2008 Race – Part I

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So the hopefuls are lining up for 2008 at an early date reminiscent of Christmas carols before Halloween. The sad fact remains that one of the reasons there are so many hopefuls — declared and undeclared — is the lack of depth on the bench. They are, all of them on both sides of the political aisle, lightweights.

The Republicans first:

John McCain

Presumptive front-runner, at least as far as the media is concerned. And how can I call John McCain a lightweight since he’s been around for years and has already run for president once? Short answer: he’s a senator. By definition a senator is a lightweight presidential candidate. How do I know this? Because out of 54 presidential elections, exactly two men have won being elected directly from the senate. Every senator seems himself or herself as presidential timber, but the facts don’t support this conceit.

I have to question the media’s love of McCain, They are, after all, largely left-leaning people, and not exactly the sort who vote in Republican primaries. To those who actually do, of whom I am one, McCain is suspicious because of his wobbly record on taxes, his gutting of the first amendment, and his pandering to the right when it suits his political needs. I doubt very much that McCain can win the nomination, short of culpably bad campaigning by his opponents. Even if he does, will McCain be able to inspire the conservative base to turn out for him the way it did for Bush in 2004. (Last November’s lackluster showing is not a good omen.) Would you go out of your way to vote for a used-car salesman?

Rudy Guiliani

“America’s Mayor.”

Well, that title alone should tell you what you need to know. While I would say the mayor of New York has managed more significant issues than, say, the governor of Vermont, I still can’t see how one steps from mayor to president. Further, despite his superlative handling of 9/11 on the local level, Guiliani is still the prototypical New York career prosecutor who rose to political office on the basis of highly questionable prosecutions and bullyboy tactics. Apart from his being at odds with the Republican base on most issues, this type of politician rarely shows the character necessary for the highest office. (I do, of course, write as if Bill Clinton had never been president.)

Newt Gingrich

Huh? A man who left congress — the House — a decade ago? What have you done lately?

Mitt Romney

Oh, my, where do I start? 

First, he’s from Massachusetts. What is it with politicians from here who all think they’re destined for the big chair?

Second, he was unable to get his lt. governor elected to succeed him, he failed to prevent gay marriage, he brought socialized medicine (lite) to the Commonwealth, and has not a single conservative achievement to his credit as governor. He held the line on taxes, which is about all that can be said for him. Oh, and he flip-flopped on abortion. 

Maybe it’s something in the water coming from Quabbin …

Later this week, the Democrats.

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February 26, 2007 at 5:22 pm

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