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Hand-Wringing on Miers

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There continues to be hand-wringing on the ‘jilted-lover’ Right, and it remains embarrassing. Some have asked why the liberals are so silent? Well, they’re enjoying the rare spectacle of having the conservatives riven by infighting instead of themselves for a change. They’re sensibly doing nothing to break it up.

But we should. Calls on the President to rescind the nomination are not only wrong – it’s his constitutional obligation to nominate and no one else’s – and futile – this President does not put his finger to the wind – they are stupid. Yes, I said stupid, and that’s because of the point above – they give aid and comfort to the President’s political enemies. These are the same people who accuse the Left – accurately – of giving aid and comfort to the nation’s enemies (whether they realize it or not), yet they fail to recognize they’re doing the same thing domestically. They will say that the President has used up his reservoir of trust and will cite immigration or spending or hurricane relief or something but never judicial picks. Have you noticed that? The reason judicial picks are not listed is because the President’s record on selecting conservative nominees is stellar over the last five years. The hand-wringing is not really about Miers, it’s about things that have no place intruding on SCOTUS nominations.

Meanwhile, Alicia Colon makes some excellent points.

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October 11, 2005 at 9:29 am

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