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Obama as Reagan?

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It seems there is a new idea developing in the media that Obama is somehow “Reaganesque.” Here is but one example from Time.

I have no doubt that Obama has looked into his predecessors. I have no doubt he wants to kick his game up a notch. But Reagan? Not likely.

Ronald Reagan – a great president – was vilified by the media, castigated by liberals, and dismissed as a lightweight by most of his political opponents. The principal reason he was great is that his beliefs served as the foundation of his presidency and he never hid them from the American people. In the end, his beliefs resonated with the country. Those beliefs ended the Cold War, brought prosperity, and returned the country to a sense of exceptionalism after the anemic Carter and the trauma of Watergate and Vietnam.

Obama, by contrast, has consistently hidden his beliefs, lied to the country and to the world, and employed a policy of subterfuge to enact his radical agenda. His beliefs resonate on college campuses, but in few other places.

Obama Reaganesque? I see that not as a long overdue paean to a great man, but a pathetic media attempt to hoodwink the people. Won’t work – whatever Obama is, he isn’t Reagan or anything close. My liberal friends will scoff, but then, they missed the point when Reagan was president. How ironic that liberals in the media are now trying to link Obama to a man they despise.

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January 28, 2011 at 1:21 am

TSA Follies

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One more post about the TSA. On my return trip, I passed through security, jacket off, shoes off, belt off, laptop out, small containers of toiletries in a ziploc bag out, and at the same time wondering about my colleague who had been whisked behind closed doors for special screening. Then I saw this:

I have to give the TSA credit – they at least saw the humor in the fact that they had clearly discombobulated us.

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January 23, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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TSA Passes, Sorta

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As in, they made no pass. Or what might have been had they done it. Which they didn’t.

In short, I flew out of Boston today, and passed through security ungroped, unx-rayed, and apparently undangerous.

I’m almost disappointed …

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January 18, 2011 at 1:26 am

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About a year and a half ago, I noted that I had acquired an iPhone. Though it was a second generation device, and very nearly two years after the first iPhone, I was still among a small number of my friends and relations who had one. So, when I spent the first weeks nearly glued to the thing (a phenomenon that did not go unnoticed by others at the time), I paid little attention to it.

Since then, I’ve seen quite a few others gain an iPhone and go through the same experience. One guy’s girlfriend even broke up with him referring to herself as an “iPhone widow.” People who acquired iPhones seemed to change, subtly, as if they had undergone a life-changing experience (most of the latter in my circle are PC people). The iPhoneymoon seems an inescapable part of it.

So it is with some amusement (and chagrin), that I observe the iPhoneymoon again here at Villa MartiniPundit. We acquired not one but two for Christmas, and both of the other denizens of the Villa are blissfully on their iPhoneymoon.

What would the world be like without Apple? Poorer, to be sure.

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January 12, 2011 at 1:11 am

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