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Corzine Me a River

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Oh this is terrible. The man who once led Goldman Sachs (one of the evil rich according to The One), a man who swooped in to save New Jersey, finds himself hat in hand. Awwwww.

Jon Corzine bought his senate seat for upwards of $60 million and then the governorship of NJ for another $40 million or so. Now, to be fair to JC, the voters of NJ swallowed what he was peddling. Of course, higher taxes and lower employment later, Corzine no longer looks like the solution. Indeed, even the parachuting in of The One will not likely help. It appears Corzine is headed for a well-deserved retirement. But before that happens, it’s delightful to see the man who bought his previous political positions have to go hat in hand.


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July 16, 2009 at 11:51 pm

Sarah Palin Resigns

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I had heard the rumors than Sarah Palin might not run for reelection as Governor of Alaska. I had even heard some rumors that she might resign. I discounted them all.

Well, it turned out to be the case. And now there are many speculating on what has motivated her. Let me, at the outset, dismiss the classless crowing of the democrats. It’s truly shocking how willing they are to kick someone when they’re down. They were afraid of her, and they’ve succeeded in removing her from the national stage.

I’m disappointed. Sarah Palin was a voice for reason in a culture of politics which is insane. She understood average Americans in a way which Obama – the One – will never. Her exit from the political stage diminishes us all.

We have a problem in our Republic. The right people are consistently driven from office or discouraged from running in the first place. The liberals have hounded Sarah Palin from the first, mostly because they feared her. They were afraid she would undermine their view of what America should be and for that reason they targeted her for destruction. Today, they succeeded.

I take Sarah Palin at her word, and accept that she was tired of the unrelenting liberal attack on her. An attack that saw at least fifteen ethics investigations – all of which found in her favor – which saw Letterman attacking her children, which saw her vilified in Vanity Fair. The latter mostly McCain operatives who having run the worst presidential campaign in memory wanting to blame Sarah Palin rather than themselves or their candidate McCain. The latter is the worst, since only McCain can be held responsible for the fact that he ran a pathetic campaign, and but for Palin would have been toast in July of ’08.

However, at the end of the day, Sarah Palin must face the music. No one can blame her for not wanting to subject her family to endless vituperation. No one can blame her for wanting to be free of baseless ethics investigations which have cost her serious money to defend. Money she likely doesn’t have because unlike most politicians on the national stage, she isn’t rich.

However, one cannot overlook the fact that she’s ducking the job. Quitting if one must say it. I don’t know if she has political plans in the future – some are saying it. But this conservative cannot support her in the future. Harry Truman said ‘if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.’ Well, Palin has gotten out of the kitchen. That means she can’t stand the heat, and can’t be president.

This conservative can no longer support her in any national political ambitions. I do that with sadness, as I considered her to be one of the bright lights of our political future. She is no longer so, driven from the scene by the relentless persecution of the liberal media. While I lament her lack of fortitude (guts which I do not personally possess), I also lament the damage to the Republic this day. No doubt liberals are rejoicing that Palin will not be a threat to Obama in 2012 and that’s what liberals do. Power is all they really care about. This can be seen in how they projected that Bush would illegally retain power in 2004 and 2008. It can be seen in how they respond to the democratic actions against the budding fascist Zelaya in the Honduras. Democrats don’t actually like democracy unless it produces the results they like. (Q.v. Gore’s attempt to steal the election on FL in 2000; Gregoire’s successful stealing the election in Washington in 2004; Franken’s successful stealing of the election in Minnesota in 2009.) Democrats have learned how to take power despite the will of the people. I hope to live to see the balance redressed short of revolution.

The threat of personal attacks, or endless wrangling about which votes are counted always benefits the democrats. It undermines public confidence in our elections. The democrats say they want every vote counted. Nonsense. When push comes to shove, they only want to count votes which put them in office. If it isn’t close enough to contest, and some republican shows some potential, then they seek to hound that person from office. Democrats at the end of the day are not fans of democracy.

Today, the liberals have succeeded from hounding Sarah Palin from office. I don’t buy the pundits’ line that she’s positioning herself for 2012 or 2016. She committed political suicide today and I think she knew it. I think she’s ok with it because her family came first. Indeed, Alaska came before her political ambitions, and it was clear the liberal attacks were making her ineffective as governor. That the DNC can’t be gracious in victory says a great deal about the democratic party. None of it good.

I’m sorry to lose Sarah Palin as a republican standard bearer. More importantly, I’m sorry to see that the politics of personal destruction have driven a fine public servant from office. Liberals, crowing today, should be ashamed of themselves. That they are not makes this a sad day for the Republic. I wish they understood that.

Update: Mark Steyn says it more succinctly.

Written by martinipundit

July 3, 2009 at 11:56 am

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