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McCain Won

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But not by enough.

This is my first post on this subject (or any other in more than a year), so it will be fair to note that many details are missing. In order to keep to the point, it is simply necessary to note that I am supporting the McCain ticket. More on this later.

That having been said, I think that the debate this evening, which was supposed to be about foreign policy, was McCain’s on points.

The first 30 some-odd minutes were actually on the economy even though Obama had insisted it be on foreign policy. This is Barack Obama territory. Not because of anything he’s done, ironically, but because of nostalgia for the supposed Clinton economic performance. (For this actually see who was in charge of Congress from 1992-2008 and look at the economic performance over those years.) Obama knows nothing about the economy, foreign policy, military strategy, history, or the American people. This doesn’t matter because most people don’t bother to go there. 

In the end, Obama displayed his naivete, misunderstanding of who creates jobs, and what tax policy is the right one for the nation. Sadly, I conclude no one cares. If they did, how could such a lightweight be nominated in the first place?

Instead, he held his own. I believe that McCain needed to to do far better in the first debate. Thus, it’s actually an Obama victory.

Get ready for Carter’s second term my friends.

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September 27, 2008 at 12:01 am

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MartiniPundit went offline some time ago, but had at least been up and available to those diehards who still visited despite not a word having issued from me for some eighteen months. A couple of weeks ago, finding the hosting costs couldn’t possibly justify keeping the site alive, I let it expire.

No sooner had I done so than I was contacted by a reader telling me the site was down. And then a friend, who apparently continued to use the blogroll, mentioned it. So, here I am again, breathing life back into this blog.

Alas, there appears no easy solution for migrating posts from my old software to this new (WordPress) and more importantly — free — software. Thus, I will have to bring back everything by hand. This will take time, but it will allow me to add categories, a thing the blog never used before. Once I think we’re sufficiently back, I’ll make a more general announcement. If you stumble across this, please have patience as there are more than a thousand entries. Alas, comments and trackbacks will be lost. Not to mention the record that more than 100,000 of you visited at one time or another.

Now, I’m not promising a deluge of words, though that’s possible. But this will mean the site will remain, at least as long as WordPress does.

Update Well, some words were issued but not actually published. I’ve rectified that now.

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September 24, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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