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Pass the Boehner Plan

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I’ve been as agnostic as possible on the debt debate going on in Washington, but it is clear to me that doing nothing is not an option. That will result in the downgrade of the US credit which will raise the cost of borrowing for all Americans – not to mention being downright embarrassing.

Now it is very clear that it is the democrats who have brought us to this impasse. True, the republicans spent way too much from 2001 to 2006. They lost control of Congress because of it. But the democrats didn’t draw the right conclusion and since they have been in control have spent even more. When President Bush left office the debt was just under 10 trillion which he had basically doubled. It is important to note that at that point, the democrats had controlled Congress for two years. Meanwhile, under President Obama, we’ve racked up nearly 5 trillion in additional debt. In other words, Obama racked up almost the entire Bush debt in one quarter of the time.

In the short term, we clearly need to raise the debt limit in order to quiet the markets and prevent a downgrade of the US credit rating. (A VERY BAD THING.)

The Boehner bill is hardly perfect, but it appears to be the best that can be achieved while the democrats still control the senate and the presidency. To oppose it because it is not perfect is insane. Politics is the art of the possible.

Pass the Boehner bill.

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July 29, 2011 at 12:22 am

Two Months With the iPad

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So I’ve had the iPad for almost two months now and I can opine on it.

Um, I love it.

My expectations were in line I think with the device itself – I expected it to be an information delivery medium and it has delivered in spades. E-mail, news readers, reference, and personal information management have all been improved over my previous solutions. Futher, the smaller size of the iPad has meant it is very nearly always with me. I do not even feel the need to discuss the actual box. It’s an Apple product and its design, build quality, and tactile feel are all top notch.

In short, the iPad, far from being a toy, has increased my productivity, mostly by streamlining my daily information consumption and gathering. It also can serve as a content creation device, though that is clearly a secondary function. I recently took a trip and left my laptop behind. I didn’t miss it.

I do have a quibble. The big issue is Apple’s decision to stop selling screen protectors through the Apple Store. Big mistake. I get that they are trying to inculcate the idea with consumers that the iPad screen is durable. Of course it’s durable – it’s also glass! I first purchased a screen protector from Zagg (don’t) which I found fell short of the quality I would expect of a product designed for an Apple device. It was more than another month that I discovered that Power Support, the makers of great iPhone screen protection had an iPad screen. I ordered it. It has now arrived, it is on, but in so installing, I discovered that my iPad had somehow gotten a scratch on the screen. This does not happen to me – I am very careful about such things. Yet, somehow, a half inch scratch appeared on my iPad screen. If Apple had sold the PS screen protectors in the Apple Store, then this would not have happened as I would have bought one on the spot. Apple needs to get over whatever product angst it has and let consumers buy appropriate protection at the point of sale.

Apple’s screen hubris aside, the iPad is a fantastic product, far outpacing the putative competition.

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July 15, 2011 at 12:55 am

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Casey Anthony

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I am deeply disturbed by the vigilante attitude towards the Casey Anthony verdict.

It’s unclear to me what really happened – I did not follow the case as it unfolded. What is clear to me is that the prosecution failed to prove its case, and that is what matters.

We live in a country where rule of law prevails – one is not convicted in the court of public opinion no matter how ‘obvious’ a person’s guilt appears to be. Talking heads on various networks who have no access to the facts are nothing short of idiots. Pay no attention to them.

We live in a country where EVIDENCE is what is needed to convict, and evidence is what was lacking here. Did Casey murder her daughter? Maybe. Is she an icky person? You bet. But the prosecution failed to prove a capital crime against her. They even failed to prove that Caylee Anthony was murdered. The jury had no choice but to acquit, and I (who have been on a jury) would have done the same. It doesn’t matter that Caylee was found duck-taped and gnawed – horrific though that is – it matters only what you can prove. The prosecution failed to prove motive, method, or even opportunity. That’s what is needed to prosecute a murder, and they failed on the basics. This is a prosecutorial team that needs to be fired as they clearly are incompetent.

What I find really scary is those who are now making noises about killing Casey because she “got away with murder.”

I find the lynch mob mentality terrifying. The rule of law is under siege.

Written by martinipundit

July 7, 2011 at 12:12 am

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