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Journalists Attacked in Cairo

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There have been many reports that journalists covering the events in Cairo have been attacked. This is the story of Greg Palkot of Fox News, talking about himself and his camera crew:

Within seconds Olaf and I were spotted as foreigners and attacked. They hit us with their open hands, their fists, sticks, bars, rocks, whatever was around, especially aiming at our heads. They grabbed us and punched us. Several dug through my pockets. All the while screaming madly in our faces. But still we pushed on.

And again, some kind Egyptians helped. A few guiding us forward and keeping the blood-thirsty mob at bay.

After several minutes of running a human gauntlet, Olaf and I reached an Egyptian Army personnel carrier. The soldiers standing on top didn’t immediately help us.

As they stood by, Olaf and I continued to be pummeled by the crowd. His shirt was off, he was writhing and was knocked to the ground twice. I somehow stayed upright but was losing strength fast and the hits were harder. Unable to make it over the high side of the vehicle, I thought Olaf and I were finished. A few more minutes in the crowd and it would have been all over.

Read the whole thing.

I’m glad they are safe, along with others reporting on this tragedy. While it is clear that from the US perspective, freedom, liberty, and democracy are paramount, it is of great concern that Mubarak’s fall may lead to another Iran, and prevent the very virtues we seek to inculcate throughout the world.

Overthrowing dictators sounds grand in principle, but is frought with uncertainty in practice. Greg Palkot and his team have learned this. Thank God they are safe.

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February 5, 2011 at 1:27 am

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