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Joe the Biden Follies

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Joe the Biden – the gift that keeps on giving. He asks what a Romney Justice department might look like, and implies it's something we should fear. Well, it probably won't look like this:

 Sell guns to Mexican drug lords in order to pretend there is a gun problem in the States.

 Ignore voter intimidation by thugs at the polling place.

 Rail against voter ID laws in venues that require ID to enter.

 Incite race animosity.

 Ignore leaks from the EXOP on National Security.

 Sue states trying to protect their borders from illegal immigration.

 Try enemy terrorists in court as if they were American citizens.

 I'm probably missing something, but I'll take a Romney Justice Department over this record any day.


The 2008 Race – Part II

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Today, the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton

The so-called “800 lb. gorilla” in the race. Why? Because she’s a senator? Because in the only managerial excursion she’s had in her entire career — attempting to nationalize healthcare — she failed abysmally? Because she’s so charismatic your knees go weak when she enters the room?

No, sorry, none of the above. For the hard left, she represents what her husband’s administration could have been. For the soft left, she represents her husband’s administration. For the rest, she represents a nightmare. Hillary is the anti-McCain. She’s a lightweight based on absolutely no concrete achievements other than marrying a man who was elected president. She’s the one who can win the primary election, but not the general.

Barack Obama

Let’s get GQ guy out of the way.

His candidacy is all media fluff, rhetorical flourish, and no substance. Indeed, he’s the lightest of the lightweights. Wait, I can hear the lefties now: ‘ooh, the conservative is afraid of the charismatic black man.’ In your dreams — lefties dissed just such a guy in Maryland last November by the name of Michael Steele. No, my issue is a senator (there goes another one) who has barely served two years in the senate, and won his seat against no opposition. (I couldn’t have voted for Alan Keyes.) Obama should check back after he finishes this term and has done a stint as governor of Illinois. Oh, and let him actually fight an election against a real Republican first.

Joe Biden

Another senator and one of the fabled seven dwarfs from 1988. A non-starter.

John Edwards

He’s got money, but no brains. Sure, he was a good trial lawyer, but that just means his was good at making juries angry at the other side. That didn’t play on the national stage in 2004, and yet he’s trotting out the same losing strategy this time.

John Kerry

Speaking of which, our haughty, French-looking junior senator is like the Bourbons — he’s learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Sure, he still served in Vietnam, but he also still holds the military in contempt. He still speaks his mind, but refuses to take personal responsibility for anything. The last time a major political party renominated a general election loser was Richard Nixon in 1968. Sure he won, but only because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. Here’s hoping lighting doesn’t strike twice. (Also on this latter theme see, Gore, Al and Truth, Inconvenient.)

John Vilsack

The fourth John if you’re keeping track, but he’s a governor — at last! And yet, to listen to him he seems unaware that George Bush will not be on the ballot in 2008. Calling George Bush a “divider” may sound good to the base, but it’s a) wrong, and b) stale. He says he’s an underdog and it’s hard to disagree.

Evan Bayh

Another senator. Wake me when we reach a hundred.

Eliot Richardson

A governor at least, and one who has some sound policies on immigration which no doubt come from running a border state. He was also our man at the UN or a while under President Clinton, all of which means he could be a standout in an otherwise pathetic crowd.

Wesley Clark

The biggest joke on both sides. “General” Clark, who managed four stars only under Clinton, is the poster child for why we don’t entrust foreign policy to generals. His views of Iraq and the GWOT are motivated purely by what’s politically advantageous for Clark. How else does one explain his 180 degree turn from his approach to Kosovo?

No doubt there are others on both sides I’m overlooking. Senator Brownback is making noise, even as ex-senator Frist is not. In my view, the only way a senator will be the next president is if one is nominated on each side in 2008. I also haven’t mentioned Condi Rice who I consider the best person on the scene to be president, but I have to admit, by my standards, she’s also a lightweight although less than any of the senators running since she has actual management and executive branch experience. The truth is, the 2008 election will be vital to the safety, security, and future of the nation and so far, neither party has fielded or offered to field a serious candidate.

That ain’t good.

Part I here.

Written by martinipundit

March 2, 2007 at 1:44 pm

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