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A number of years ago I debated a close friend on environmental issues. As a scientist with a PhD. he supposedly was qualified to opine where I was not. Yet I did not feel that his appeal to authority trumped any argument I might have based on the subject as it touched morality. I can recall one debate he and I had more than a decade ago about the propriety of embedding ceramic shards in trees to deter logging efforts. For those unaware, a logger who took a chainsaw to such a ‘spiked’ tree would find himself in serious danger from razor-sharp ceramic shards. No points for guessing which side I came down on. I was unmoved by the idea that science could determine the righteousness of such a question – it seemed pure emotion to me and I said so.

I was reminded of that long ago debate by today’s news about an attack in MD.

Although one extremist does not indict an entire group, that extremist can reflect on the group depending upon how the group reacts. It is hardly uncommon to see the group rally around the individual or the cause and rationalize otherwise reprehensible actions in defense of the cause. It is common currency on the Left to indict all conservatives for the actions of a few extremists. I saw this recently in the NYC mosque debate which among some of my liberal friends somehow morphed into the killing of abortion doctors, though every Christian of my acquaintance denounced the handful of such incidents. I know of no one who approves of Timothy McVeigh and his murderous actions. But the Left, so quick to point the finger, has not in my experience denounced its own.

So here’s an opportunity for the environmental Left – as much a religion as any I’ve seen – to denounce their extremist. Anyone?

Update: Evidently, that denunciation will need to include Al Gore.

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September 2, 2010 at 1:54 am

Vote Lieberman

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I did not vote for the Gore – Lieberman team in 2000 which should come as no surprise. I’ve known since the days of Jimmy Carter that Democrats cannot be trusted with national security, and since that’s one of the primary reasons I vote for Federal office, I simply cannot pull the lever for a Democrat. Even the rare exceptions – Democrats who get national security, and Joe Lieberman is one – are typically overshadowed on that and other issues by the Republican in the race.

Not this time.

Yesterday, the Democratic party in Connecticut had a defining moment. They chose Ned Lamont to be their candidate for United States senator over the incumbant Lieberman. Lamont represents all that is wrong about Democrats and national security. He’s the candidate of the far Left, the Cindy Sheehans, the Kossacks, and the other moonbats. Far from even thinking we’re fighting a war against terrorism, the Ned Lamonts want to sit down with terrorists and talk it out. Israel should immediately stop defending itself and pull back. The United States should never use military force anywhere for any reason. Except to do the bidding of the United Nations. I cannot take such a party seriously on this issue and I doubt very much the majority of Americans do.

However, in Connecticut, things are a little different as they are in all of New England. This is not exactly George Bush country, and that’s why Lieberman lost yesterday – he supported the President too much. Come the general election in November, Lieberman plans to run as an independent though many of his senate colleagues are asking he not do that. Yet Lamont only beat him among Democrats by 4 points – 52 to 48. Connecticut went for Kerry in 2004, but Bush garnered 44% of the vote. While it’s possible the Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger can win in November, I think it far more likely that Lieberman will win a three-way race. Lieberman has already proven he’ll stand by the President on the most important issue we face today. Current polls tend to support the view that Lieberman can win in the general election, and if he does, he’ll have no reason to thank his Democrat colleagues who’ve failed to support him in this time. He might even choose to caucus with the Republicans, though that’s not important.

For this reason, MartiniPundit endorses Joe Lieberman for senator from Connecticut, and I urge all my Republican (and Democrat) readers who live in Connecticut to vote for him in November.

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August 9, 2006 at 10:02 am

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