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Royal Tea Leaves

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What is it about Royals that causes people to become irrational?

It seems that there is an enormous amount of interest in the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate. So much so that the not even remotely new speculation that the Queen will step down silliness is back. I can understand the interest in the wedding which will in all likelihood produce the next head of state for the United Kingdom. Other than that …

For example, there is renewed speculation that the Queen will abdicate. This is the same sort of nonsense that we saw year after year with Pope John Paul II. It was driven by nothing other than the journalistic desire for change for change’s sake so that it could be reported. It is said that the Queen wants to abdicate so that Charles will have time on the throne before William succeeds. Huh?

Why would Elizabeth – arguably one of the most successful and popular monarchs in British history – want to step down? What would she do then? Why would anyone think it would be a popular move for her to abdicate in favor of Charles – an obvious airhead? Frankly, the best outcome for the British monarchy is for Elizabeth to outlive Charles and leave William as king after her. This is beyond the ken of your average journalist of course.

A word about Kate as she is endlessly compared to the late Princess Diana. The latter was a beautiful woman who possessed a heart of gold. She was also more of an airhead than her husband. As in, she was a moron. She captured the imagination of the world through her beauty and her novelty. She also had charm. Rumor has it the Queen Mum did not approve of her as a Royal bride. Looks like the old gal was spot on. Those who want to talk about her charitable works need to look to the entire Royal family. Crikey – that’s what they do.

But Kate looks to me like a different animal entirely. I think she’s got the Royals by the tail and not the other way around. As lovely to behold as her late mother-in-law (perhaps even more so), but far more savvy, I think she’ll go the distance. Indeed, I think she will be queen eventually, and will have the same influence and power that the late Queen Mum had. In my opinion, she may hold the future of the British monarchy in her hand – and it will be her children and her influence which see out the 21st century. After all, she’s waited eight years, and stood by loyally through it all.

Ironically, Kate may prove to be just what all the pundits thought Diana was going to be. Their comparisons will prove out, just not in any way they thought.

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April 23, 2011 at 2:14 am

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Leftist Tax Angst

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Quite a few of my liberal friends have passed around a MoveOn list of companies supposedly not paying their taxes.

Wow – I am amazed they can actually do that with a straight face. After all, they certainly cared not a jot when Timothy Geithner (you know, the Secretary of the Treasury) turned out to be a tax cheat. Nor did they seem to care when Charlie Rangel (the guy in the House who wrote the tax code laws) also turned out to be a tax cheat. Certainly they were not heard when it was reported that many in the Obama Administration had sketchy tax histories.

Liberals believe taxes are for other people. Indeed, if you doubt this, then note that nearly 50% of American taxpayers aren’t. That is, they pay no tax. (For whom do they vote do you wonder?) Indeed the top 1% pays more than a third, and we are supposed to believe that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. What concerns me (I am not in the top 1% and never have been) is that the the so-called rich are the camel’s nose under the tent and the Feds will go after the rest of us once the principle has been established. You know the one. That’s where Obama says a group “can afford to pay a little more.” Except the principle is wrong – what we should really be saying is the Federal government can afford to spend a little less.

I do find it amazing that my liberal friends don’t get this. Of course, one is a PhD. who has never earned a non-taxpayer dollar in his life. He recently suggested we “eat the rich” (which would have included his father had he still been alive). This privileged, spoiled child of fortune has received one government grant after another and apparently hasn’t once considered that his very livelihood is due to the generosity of his neighbors. Another is the beneficiary of the success of a startup company. He certainly cashed the bonus checks, but considers corporations evil and avoids patronizing establishments that are corporate. A third has her own business touting France and is a fan of all things French. Not one of them understands that most people have to struggle to earn a living. Far left liberals all.

I do grant that GE (which apparently is paying taxes despite what the NYT may have reported) and other companies should pay their fair share according to law. That last is important – if the law allows you to avoid taxes you are not to blame, the law is. I don’t pay a penny more in taxes than I have to, and I wrote a check to the government this week that was much bigger than I wanted it to be. I am all for rationalizing the tax code, simplifying and eliminating loopholes, getting rid of tax credits for windmills and other starry-eyed shibboleths, and making the whole thing a level playing field. It is why I would like to see a flat-tax for both individuals and corporations. Liberals want taxes for you and not for them. They call that “fairness.” I call it selfish.

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April 20, 2011 at 1:32 am

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