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Eight Republican Fools

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Eight Republican members of congress – fools each and every one if them – have voted for the so-called “climate change bill” according to Reuters.

Those are eight Republican fools who need to lose their next election. I’ll post the particulars when I learn them.


American Thinker names the fools and their telephone numbers. Scroll to the bottom.

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June 26, 2009 at 9:47 pm

McCain Is Too Decent By Half

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Senator John S. McCain apparently believes President Barack H. Obama has “done well” as president.


What can one say about this? It appears to be symptomatic of the same debilitating disease McCain suffered from during the election: a niceness and decency so pervasive that he couldn’t bring himself to say anything substantive about his opponent that might be construed as a negative or personal attack. That, and his erratic behavior such as suspending his campaign to ‘help’ with the financial crisis torpedoed any chance he might have had.

McCain does lay aside Gitmo and Iran, but is the wellness yardstick really measured by legislative success? If so, it proves the folly of nominating senators to the highest executive office in the land. Indeed, I would rate Obama’s legislative ‘successes’ to date as proof of his lack of performance. Exhibit One is the so-called “Stimulus Package” which is obviously doing no such thing as unemployment rises and the economy contracts.

And let’s not forget the budget behemoth, set to exceed all of President Bush’s deficits in one go. Or the defunding of our missile defense programs just as North Korea is testing missiles, nukes, and considering a test in Hawaii’s general direction. Then there would be the Cairo Policy, wherein muslims get a pass and Israel must toe the line, the only exception to the Obama Doctrine of Non-meddlement. Be sure to add in terrorists being read Miranda rights, former detainees exiled to Bermuda, others destined for the States. We’ve also nationalized two-thirds of the American auto industry, much of the financial services industry, we’re about to nationalize healthcare, and public education is in the sights as well. Or Cap & Trade, which will eviscerate the coal industry and cause all our heating and electric bills to skyrocket. I’ve not even touched on the regulations and other changes behind the scenes; one example will suffice: the FDA threat to regulate Cheerios as a drug. Then there’s Iran, where according to Obama we mustn’t even comment when a revolution against the sworn enemy of all Americans is brewing. This isn’t a record in five months of having ‘done well.’ This is a record of making Jimmy Carter look competent.

Which brings us back to McCain. In a sense, it’s understandable that he thinks Obama has done well. After all, the President doesn’t think there’s a difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi and so McCain apparently sees little difference between himself and Obama.

Written by martinipundit

June 22, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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