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Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One

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It's 8:30 pm EST, on the second Martini, and Governor John Kasich of Ohio is speaking. He just slammed Biden's golf game and veracity in one blow. And we're off!

8:40 pm – The Governor of Oklahoma is speaking. If I recall correctly, every county in OK voted Republican last time around.

8:45 – Bob McDonnell of Virginia is up. Starting out with hope. Reminds everyone that Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry were guvs of VA.

8:48 – The guvs are doing the legwork, laying the foundation for change. Hey, hope and change!

8:50 – In states with Rep guvs, average unemployment is a point lower than in states with Dem guvs. Good point.

8:53 – He’s done. Short and sweet. Made the necessary point that conservative policies are working at the state level and it’s time to kick them up to the national level.

8:58 – Scott Walker! Scourge of unions, occupiers, and deranged lefties everywhere!

9:01 – This is good. OH, VA, WI, all telling the same story. Obama has nothing to match this in the blue states. Quite the opposite.

9:06 – Third Martini.


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