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Drunkblogging the RNC – Day One II

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9:12 – Rick Santorum is scheduled to speak shortly. I'm not a fan, and quite glad he didn't become the nominee since I don't believe he was electable. However, he does speak to social conservatives and that is a key constituency that Romney will need to have energized. Let's hope Santorum does the right thing here, without providing fodder for the other side.

9:19 – Rick Santorum is at the podium. Talking about his 93 year old mother from FL. His family. Shout out to his son at the Citadel – good for him. His grandfather didn’t come here for government benefits, he came here for freedom. Now a nightmare of dependency under Obama. Just about.

9:24 – Solid stuff, but not what I might call soaring rhetoric. Perhaps his fruit is past season.

9:26 – It’s important to remember that Santorum could have dragged the Republican primary on and on. He deserves kudos for not doing so, and he earned this speaking slot.

9:29 – Okay, the hands metaphor is good, but sounds oddly off coming from this guy.

9:33 – Quoting the Declaration is always good. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

9:35 – Fifteen minutes or so, and didn’t forget to actually mention Romney by name. One has to wonder where Santorum goes from here. Not president, certainly, but perhaps a run for governor. Personally, I think he ought to cultivate outside interests.

9:47 – Fourth Martini. Artur Davis is speaking.

9:48 – Governor Romney can’t sing, but he can lead, and we know which skill we need more. Heh!

9:49 – Led with dreams, inclusiveness, and how that high rhetoric has faded.

9:51 – Middle America get ready to shell out 60 bucks to fill your car. Priceless!

9:52 – Speaking to non-Republicans. They know their votes didn’t build the country they wanted. Ask yourself if these Democrats in Charlotte speak for you. Brilliant.

9:54 – Clinton, Kennedy, and Johnson reached across the aisle. Obama rammed through healthcare without the other party.

9:55 – Glad this guy switched teams. I think he should run again.

9:56 – Nikki Haley!

9:58 – Off with a bang on small business. Her parents built their business, and SC is business friendly.

10:00 – Backing voter ID, and noting that Obama sued SC. On to Boeing!

10:01 – Obama sues Boeing for creating jobs in two states. Tell it Guv’na.


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