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Obama as Reagan?

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It seems there is a new idea developing in the media that Obama is somehow “Reaganesque.” Here is but one example from Time.

I have no doubt that Obama has looked into his predecessors. I have no doubt he wants to kick his game up a notch. But Reagan? Not likely.

Ronald Reagan – a great president – was vilified by the media, castigated by liberals, and dismissed as a lightweight by most of his political opponents. The principal reason he was great is that his beliefs served as the foundation of his presidency and he never hid them from the American people. In the end, his beliefs resonated with the country. Those beliefs ended the Cold War, brought prosperity, and returned the country to a sense of exceptionalism after the anemic Carter and the trauma of Watergate and Vietnam.

Obama, by contrast, has consistently hidden his beliefs, lied to the country and to the world, and employed a policy of subterfuge to enact his radical agenda. His beliefs resonate on college campuses, but in few other places.

Obama Reaganesque? I see that not as a long overdue paean to a great man, but a pathetic media attempt to hoodwink the people. Won’t work – whatever Obama is, he isn’t Reagan or anything close. My liberal friends will scoff, but then, they missed the point when Reagan was president. How ironic that liberals in the media are now trying to link Obama to a man they despise.


Written by martinipundit

January 28, 2011 at 1:21 am

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