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TSA Perverts

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Well it has really hit the fan now. After enduring eight years of liberal friends telling me how George W. Bush ‘shredded the Constitution’ we see that it’s the liberals who have really done it. Talk about unreasonable searches. Government sanctioned perverts are now either looking at our genitalia or groping the same.

So, if you try to fly, you might be subjected to a full body scan with an x-ray device that the government assures us is safe. Of course, the last time I had a medical x-ray they provided a lead shield for my genitalia. In this case, the government does no such thing since they are principally interested in viewing our genitalia.

But you can opt out. In which case, after the standard metal detectors (which have exactly the same capacity to detect illicit weaponry as the body scanners), one is subject to a ‘pat down.’ This pat down by all accounts will be more than sufficient to determine if a man is circumcised, if a woman is a virgin, and just what breast size she might have. They do everything but peek up one’s butt with a flashlight.

We are told by Janet Napolitano (has she undergone this procedure?) that this is necessary to keep us safe. Presumably because nearly a year ago a terrorist tried to blow up his underwear. Not that Napolitano nor any other liberal pinhead has ever noticed that the passengers of that aircraft were the first line of defense and that the TSA would have let this guy through, but it has been nearly a year. Are they really saying it took them a year to come up with this policy that is basically ineffective and manages to sexually harass airline passengers at the same time? I mean, Clarence Thomas was nearly kept off the supreme court on mere allegations of less than this. At this very moment there are wanted posters in my neighborhood for the arrest of a guy who has done less, and if you tried this with children as the TSA has done as a Catholic priest the lawsuit would run into millions.

This is the way liberals – read Barack Obama – keep us safe. By groping Americans. Oh, and CAIR, that wonderfully moderate muslim organization that would never consider discretion to be the better part of safety is contemplating suing to have muslim women excepted. I would weep if that weren’t so predictable. And our super-PC TSA perverts will no doubt jump through hoops to comply. I feel much safer flying El-Al, which I have done, than any domestic airline. I wonder why that is?

This absurd policy needs to go. The ridiculous attempt by liberals to defend us needs to be stopped by the grownups. Perhaps, with the Republican takeover of the house we’ll see some adult supervision. In the meantime, I urge you all to opt out of the body scanners (for health reasons if nothing else), and when they grab your junk, ask then either for their phone number of if they’ve read the constitution. What astonishes me is there is no outcry among liberals who were so concerned during the Bush years. They wept crocodile tears over the supposed loss of civil liberties for terrorists. They were outraged at the notion that the government might listen in on terrorist telephone conversations, and they were convinced that Bush would act unilaterally to trample their right to privacy. None of that ever happened, and yet in airports across the country, it is happening now courtesy of their man Obama.

Where is the liberal outrage?

Written by martinipundit

November 18, 2010 at 1:44 am

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  1. I believe there are several Priests doing time for what the TSA has been doing. The Catholic church paid millions because some of their priests did this with the knowledge of their superiors too. We teach our children not to let strangers to touch them in certain places and here the government has authorized it. I think I will stick with my car, at least until this goes away.


    December 7, 2010 at 2:08 am

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