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We’re Done For

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The greatest threat to the Republic since the Civil War, the most un-American President ever, and this is the best we can do.

I know, the opposition took the house. More senate seats changed party than the average. Whoopdeedoo.

A runaway liberal government which fundamentally altered the face of government, spent in one year what Bush spent in four, nationalized the auto industry, the financial services industry, healthcare, and prepared for more. (I know, the nationalization was not total, but it was enough to gain control.) An administration that changed the ground rules, and curtailed gun ownership.

All of this was expected. Now we’ve had a referendum on this administration’s overreach. Alas, it wasn’t enough. The nation has voted to return the House of Representatives to the Republicans as well as many governor’s mansions. Still the senate remains in the hands of the Democrats. In a year which voter anger surpassed that of 1994, that’s the best the Republicans could do,

It dooms us. Democrats still control too many of the levers of power, and they will continue to use them to their own benefit. The Republicans in power will still say ‘huh?’ and not know what is happening.

The voters reacted on the house level, but failed to realize that the cancer they despised ran from top to bottom. The Democrats will interpret this as anything but a repudiation of their policies. God help us all.

Written by martinipundit

November 3, 2010 at 3:00 am

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  1. I am not quite so depressed. Other than MA the democrats were pulled up short. Considering the lengths they went to in order to smear everybody running it is pretty good. At least (hopefully) the run away spending can be stopped with the house and a more viable filibuster in the senate. In MA we seem to be busy re-arranging the deck chairs while the band starts “Nearer my God To Thee”.


    November 4, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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