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Barney Frank.

Forget the personal corruption. This is the guy most responsible for the housing meltdown with his flacking for Fannie and Freddie. I have a friend – a Scoop Jackson democrat – who insists to me that Barney Frank is one of the smartest people in Washington. I do agree that he’s politically savvy. But smart? I’ve yet to see the evidence, though he is a survivor. (This follows the meme that democrats are smart, republicans stupid. Yawn.)

But maybe not for very much longer.

I’d like to stress that Barney Frank does not represent Boston, so I have no vote here, nor does anyone who lives in Boston itself. I do have a couple of friends in the 4th district who can affect this outcome. The key thing to note is that Scott Brown carried almost all of the 4th (except I believe for Newton) handily. Frank is considered in a safe seat, so there is no real coverage, and we can’t really see the polling of the campaigns – just what they say it is.

That having been said, there are some clues:

Sean Bielat, the Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 4th District, has had just one conversation with his Democratic opponent, Rep. Barney Frank.

It was in August, at a parade in New Bedford. “I went up to introduce myself and said, ‘Nice to meet you,'” Bielat recalls. “He said, ‘I wish I could say the same, but you’ve made this personal. You’ve been attacking me.’ Then he turned and walked away.”

Frank is full of it here. That is his reaction to every single challenge, every single criticism. Frank doesn’t do defense, rather, he reacts to attacks with attacks. He reacts to non-attacks with attacks. He’s a pit bull.

Yet, there are real indications the pit bull is afraid. Consider:

You have to classify a Bielat victory as unlikely. Frank usually wins re-election with between 65 percent and 75 percent of the vote — and that’s when Republicans even bother to field a candidate against him. That’s a strong record.

Indeed. As noted above, I’m not in the 4th district. As it happens, there is no one running on the republican ticket in my district. That’s been Barney’s experience for some time. Not this year. But normally, he wouldn’t really care. Except for the fact that Scott Brown carried his district. So Barney has done something normally unnecessary:

Bill Clinton — the Democratic Party’s biggest gun — recently came by to campaign for Frank suggests party leaders don’t believe Frank is a shoo-in.

Not a shoo-in? If Bill Clinton has come, they think the unthinkable. Frank could lose.

And if he does, it would be the sweetest victory of all. No one has had more to do with the recent economic crisis than Barney Frank. If he loses his job because of it, it will only be justice.

Written by martinipundit

October 1, 2010 at 12:19 am

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