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A number of years ago I debated a close friend on environmental issues. As a scientist with a PhD. he supposedly was qualified to opine where I was not. Yet I did not feel that his appeal to authority trumped any argument I might have based on the subject as it touched morality. I can recall one debate he and I had more than a decade ago about the propriety of embedding ceramic shards in trees to deter logging efforts. For those unaware, a logger who took a chainsaw to such a ‘spiked’ tree would find himself in serious danger from razor-sharp ceramic shards. No points for guessing which side I came down on. I was unmoved by the idea that science could determine the righteousness of such a question – it seemed pure emotion to me and I said so.

I was reminded of that long ago debate by today’s news about an attack in MD.

Although one extremist does not indict an entire group, that extremist can reflect on the group depending upon how the group reacts. It is hardly uncommon to see the group rally around the individual or the cause and rationalize otherwise reprehensible actions in defense of the cause. It is common currency on the Left to indict all conservatives for the actions of a few extremists. I saw this recently in the NYC mosque debate which among some of my liberal friends somehow morphed into the killing of abortion doctors, though every Christian of my acquaintance denounced the handful of such incidents. I know of no one who approves of Timothy McVeigh and his murderous actions. But the Left, so quick to point the finger, has not in my experience denounced its own.

So here’s an opportunity for the environmental Left – as much a religion as any I’ve seen – to denounce their extremist. Anyone?

Update: Evidently, that denunciation will need to include Al Gore.


Written by martinipundit

September 2, 2010 at 1:54 am

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  1. Nice to see you blogging again. Maybe this year people will be able to reverse their jumping off cliffs and return to some fiscal sanity (which before the last election way too many Republican legislators joined so don’t view this as entirely anti-democrat). The fiscal area in which I believe Bush did not do well in, he should have vetoed a lot of it.


    September 5, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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