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Barney Frank in Trouble?

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Barney Frank. The fattest fat cat in the Massachusetts delegation and one of the fattest in congress as a whole. I once saw him walking down my street and without another soul in sight. Since I’m not a violent person, I restrained myself, but the urge to cross the street and flick his ear was huge.

I’ve heard over the past couple of days that he might be in trouble, and this has amazed me. True, we did elect a Republican to replace Ted Kennedy, and that man – Scott Brown – did very well all over Frank’s district. Still, it’s hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that previously unassailable incumbents might be vulnerable. And if it’s hard for me, imagine if you’re Barney Frank. Not that I have any sympathy here. The only member of the House I’d like to see returned to the private sector more than Barney Frank is Nancy Pelosi. I’m not holding my breath on San Francisco voters, but here in MA, a miracle happened only last January.

As it happens, Sissy Willis has an excellent piece on this very subject so go read what she has to say. And when Barney returns to the private sector, let’s hope he has a taste of what it means to be unemployed. After all, he’s put a lot people out of work during his time in congress.

Update: And the website of the man running against Barney – Sean Bielat. I hope he wins. Indeed, any random pick from the phone book would be a better representative for the people of Massachusetts than Barney Frank.

More here from Michelle Malkin. Live the dream! Barney unemployed!


Written by martinipundit

August 21, 2010 at 12:40 am

3 Responses

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  1. I loved your fantasy about flicking his ear. 😀

    Am blogging and twittering my heart out to help Sean Bielat win the “Barney Frank Seat” back for the people.

    Sissy Willis

    August 26, 2010 at 5:34 am

  2. It seemed the right gesture to encapsulate my complete contempt for the man.

    Wish I could vote for Sean myself, but I do have a couple of friends in the district and I’ll let them know for sure.


    August 26, 2010 at 11:43 am

  3. LOL.

    Great that you will let your friends know!

    Sissy Willis

    August 26, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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