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MartiniPundit Endorses John S. McCain for President

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It has been a long, strange trip. 

This election began, in some ways, even before George Bush took the oath of office for his second term. Unable to come to grips with a Kerry loss, many on the left went into permanent Bush Derangement Syndrome, and a number of would-be presidents started to capitalize on that almost immediately. Front and center was Barack Obama – barely into his first term as a US senator.

This is not the place – nor would it matter as this blog certainly lacks even the small readership it once had – to opine extensively on Emperor Barack’s lack of clothes, but I will say that P.T. Barnum is probably chuckling, wherever he is. If Obama wins, I’m sure there will be a little time to discuss it, at least until he figures out how to shut down conservative blogs.

Meanwhile, I have not been John McCain’s biggest fan over the years. I flat out said I would not support him in the primaries or the general election three-and-a-half years ago. I never envisioned his opponent would be Barack Obama. Indeed, I never really thought McCain could get the nomination.

But it’s now today, and while I was right about what I wrote then, I was wrong not to take into account the possibility of changing circumstances. 

This is an election for the soul of America. The left, aided and abetted by the MSM and useful idiots in and out of congress, have spent the last eight years convincing many people of an enormous lie. It has many facets: the war, the economy, the culture. The lie is that George Bush is the worst president in American history, and he has made everything worse. Nothing – nothing – else matters but the propagation of this lie. There is simply no more important objective to the left than this. Not the economy, not national security, not ethics, not truth, not anything. It may be that America has bought into this lie – we’ll see.

The left believes it has. They believe this is their moment, and that they will be able to implement long-thwarted goals they’ve had since the 1970s and 80s. Socialized medicine, greater unionization, muzzling conservatives on radio and elsewhere, packing the courts and enshrining moral relativism as the defining test of the judiciary, raising taxes so that they can better spend other people’s money, ensnaring enough people into the welfare state to assure the left’s political dominance, control of key industries, greater regulation of all the economy, gutting of the US military, withdrawal from international affairs, ceding control of US foreign policy to the UN and international elites, subjecting US sovereignty to international law (whatever that is), subordinating the US to the world court, etc., etc. These are their goals (to start), and Barack Obama is their messiah.

I want no part of it.

Today, the only person standing athwart this lefty apocalypse is John McCain. He has his flaws: he is somewhat soft on the notion of free speech (q.v. McCain-Feingold, currently hoisting one of its namesakes by his own petard), and has a shaky understanding of the economy. Still, on both these points, he’s far superior to Obama, who doesn’t actually believe in free speech for those who disagree with him, and who seems to think the economy is akin to sharing toys on a playground. So much for sophisticated nuance.

McCain is infinitely superior to Obama on foreign policy – a subject he knows well, on governing in wartime, and even in simple geography. To whit, McCain knows where places are and how they fit in with each other, Obama does not.

McCain owes no one anything. If he wins this, he’ll have done it without the help of the media, the GOP, or any third parties like ACORN,, the unions, or the like. He’ll be his own man; Obama will have a lot of people looking to feed at the trough.

John McCain is a man of honor. His public and private actions have demonstrated this conclusively for decades. His one scandal – the Keating Five – resulted in him being exonerated. Obama is a man who skulks in the shadows of creepy friends like Ayers and Dohrn the terrorists, Rezko, the thug, Wright and Pfleger the racists, and anti-Americans like his wife. Obama doesn’t seem to have a single associate who isn’t sleazy in some fashion. I was always taught you know a person by whom he associates with.

In short, John McCain is the only nominee qualified and worthy to be president in this race. It shouldn’t even be close. For me, it isn’t.

MartiniPundit proudly endorses John S. McCain for president in 2008.

Written by martinipundit

November 2, 2008 at 3:49 pm

2 Responses

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  1. A very fine endorsement. Fingers crossed for a landslide. 🙂

    Sissy Willis

    November 3, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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