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As I’ve been going through the old posts of this blog and uploading them to this new venue, I’ve had an opportunity to revisit the things I wrote about John Kerry four years ago.

I was pretty hard on the guy.

He deserved it though. Nothing I’ve seen has changed my mind that he was the wrong man for the presidency and George W. Bush was the better candidate. To be sure, there are things that I would have preferred Bush had done differently, but that’s a far cry from my belief that I would have preferred a putative President Kerry had done everything differently.

But that brings me to today. Leaving Obama aside, I think if I were writing this blog with the energy I put into it then, I would have no choice but to savage McCain in the same way I went after Kerry. Flip-flops, lack of focus, desperate tactics, and generally bad campaigning – McCain is guilty of them all. Maybe it’s a senate thing. Bringing Obama back, he’s given me much grist for the mill too. The difference is that in 2004 it was very much a one-sided thing. Not so today.

I’m going to vote for McCain. The notion of the socialist Obama, who consorts with terrorists, racists, communists, and thugs; a man whose past is not merely opaque, but has clearly been constructed to bring him to this point. A man who’s honesty is not just questionable, but demonstrably lacking. A man who’s very citizenship is plausibly in question not to mention his patriotism. A man who has the audacity to compare himself to God. I haven’t even touched on the money. This man does not deserve to be president of the United States. More than that, and here again McCain is flat-out wrong, we should be afraid of the notion of a President Obama. Crikey, one Jimmy Carter was one too many.

Nevertheless, McCain has run a terrible campaign. He may yet win – I pray he does. The next several years will be devastating for the nation under the three amigos: Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. The idea that they represent change for the better is laughable, except for the very real harm it will do. The nation is going collectively mad. Still …

McCain is the Kerry of this election.

Written by martinipundit

October 13, 2008 at 11:33 pm

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