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Is Iran Run by Pathological Liars?

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The other day I was watching an interview with the Iranian Foreign Minister, and had to shake my head in disbelief. There the man sat, speaking with the female western journalist, and expounded at length on Iran’s ‘right’ to peaceful nuclear power. He accused the United States of employing a “double-standard” in Iran’s case for no good reason. My first thought was that I could think of 444 good reasons right off the bat, but when a war has been going on for a quarter century and only one side knows it, something is wrong. Duplicitous, one might say. After all, this was a Foreign Minister attempting to be eminently reasonable, while presenting the US as eminently unreasonable at the same time his loon of a president is talking about death and annihilation for the US and Israel. Doesn’t sound like a peaceful approach to me. But then, it is clear they’re trying to play a double-game, like always.

This brings me to Iran’s latest wonder weapons. It seems rather funny that a nation that has trouble keeping its air force aloft yet manages to produce “super-weapons” among other things. (Let’s be clear that the technical issues in completing a nuclear weapon are not that high – it is, after all, technology that dates back to the 1940s.) With the thought in mind that much of the Iranian ‘advances’ are actually repackaging old technology, I couldn’t help but be amused at this analysis of Iran’s so-called “super-cavitating torpedo” which is actually a thirty-year old Russian weapon.

[O]bserving the errors of fact and occasional tone nearing hysteria in some media lately, I feel compelled to first address an — enemy” weapon and put it in its proper place. This weapon has been called in print — hellacious.” It’s been described as a — quantum leap” in the nature of naval warfare from this day forth — a disruptive technology for which America is woefully unprepared. It’s even been said that there’s no physically possible friendly defense against it, and the target won’t even realize the weapon is coming until it impacts and the target’s crew are dead. Paints a scary picture, doesn’t it? Yet none of these statements are true. 

The article is well-worth reading, and indirectly shows that what Iran is really up to here is not ‘super’ weapons, but a psychological operation aimed directly at the western media and and Leftists. Duplicity is just the heavy artillery in that fight, and much of the target is soft already.


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April 20, 2006 at 9:32 am

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