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Mark Helprin on Iran

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It’s Mark week apparently here, and that’s good as there are many things on my plate to do. So, I’ll point you to Mark Helprin this time:

Even were one to believe that, despite its low and stagnant per capita gross national product and having the world’s second-largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas, Iran would invest uneconomically in nuclear power generation, one would also have to disbelieve that it wanted nuclear weapons. But with an intermediate-range strategic nuclear capacity, it could deter American intervention, reign over the Persian Gulf, further separate Europe from American Middle East policy, correct a nuclear imbalance with Pakistan, lead and perhaps unify the Islamic world, and thus create the chance to end Western dominance of the Middle East and/or with a single shot destroy Israel.

Lot’s of people like Helprin are speaking sense on Iran. People like Brent Scowcroft are not. He, apparently is part of the Madeleine Albright school where we reward obnoxious regimes with nuclear candy. I read a phrase like “Tehran has every right” and I wonder if I’m living on the same planet as an ostrich like Scowcroft. Iran is not – as Mark Steyn has pointed out – a nation that we can deal with as a sovereign state. It is a Thugocracy, and it must be challenged, thwarted, and ultimately, overthrown.

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April 13, 2006 at 10:40 am

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