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The Telegraph appears to be drumming up a story with very little substance. Perhaps they forgot to bring the stone before they tried to make soup.

I’m pleased Jill Carroll has been released, and thought her statements before leaving Iraq seemed odd, I’m more than satisfied with her explanation that she had to make them in order to be released in the first place. But this is ridiculous:

Miss Carroll has been under sustained assault from some on the pro-war Right. Bloggers and hosts on the country’s influential talk radio stations have attacked her for stating that she had not been threatened during her confinement.

Others attacked her for wearing Muslim dress and the news channel CNN carried an interview suggesting that she was suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”, in which victims begin to sympathise with their captors. One blogger called for Miss Carroll to be arrested for treason.

This is absurd. No bloggers are identified. No bloggers are linked. No bloggers are quoted directly. This isn’t journalism – it’s slander. I can’t help but note that the only entity mentioned by name is CNN, which if the Telegraph thinks is part of the “pro-war Right” they need to update their glossary.

I haven’t seen her attacked by a single blogger on the Right, at least from among the ones I read regularly.

I still get the meme from liberal friends that the media is not biased towards the Left. Articles like this show how ridiculous that view is.

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April 3, 2006 at 10:32 am

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