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Getting it Wrong on Abdul Rahman

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I don’t usually find much out and out wrong on the American Spectator, but there are exceptions. In a piece on Afghanistan, one G. Tracy Mehan III proves one:

Americans were justifiably outraged that judicial authorities in Afghanistan considered executing Rahman for his act of conscience and are genuinely relieved that he has been spared execution at the hands of an allied government. They believed that they did not go to war in that remote region for the purposes of enshrining a regime of retrograde religious persecution and disregard of human rights generally. This is not what democratization was supposed to be.

Unfortunately, most Americans have forgotten that they did not, in fact, go to war in Afghanistan to promote democracy, liberate women, promote religious freedom, or for any other humanitarian purpose. They sent their crack military forces there to destroy the terrorists responsible for destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11th and the regime that sheltered and sustained them. [emphasis mine]

This is precisely the myopic thinking that drove foreign policy during the Clinton years and earlier, and is exactly the wrong prescription for the post-9/11 world. Our enemy is Islamofascism and until it is destroyed root and branch the world is not safe. Planting democracy, making sure the rights of women and religious minorities are respected is poison to the Islamofascists and they should be made to drink it down everywhere American power can be extended. Executing Abdul Rahman would have been a victory for the savages and preventing it is a defeat. We went to war to inflict defeat on our enemy, and we must make sure we understand who the enemy truly is – forgetting that is the path to slavery and barbarism for all of us. With all due respect, Mr. Mehan doesn’t seem to understand that.

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March 29, 2006 at 11:32 am

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