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Question Answered Before it Was Asked

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It is a common meme on the Left that any questioning of their positions/views is ipso facto “questioning their patriotism.” One wonders why they’re so sensitive (inasmuch as no one ever does it), but it really isn’t that hard to understand. It’s simply their way of shutting down debate. When one’s position is unpopular, wrong, or just plain both, one accuses the other side of an ad hominem attack (making one in the process) and leaves it at that. I doubt many people are fooled by this tactic, but it’s already been trotted out in advance of the 2006 election, so I suspect we’ll be seeing it frequently in the coming months. So where’s this coming from?

Yesterday, I saw a car with a bumper sticker: “Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam.” Apart from the ignorance of history, military issues, politics, language, and geography such a statement implies, one must also interpret it as an expectation (even a wish) of defeat for our country. (Lest we forget, we won every battle we fought in Vietnam, but we lost the war because of this sort of defeatism at home. Walter Cronkite has been such a person for decades.) So what does one call a person who publicly expresses desire for her nation’s defeat in war? Yep – unpatriotic.

I have no doubt that the woman driving the car would be ‘outraged’ to be so portrayed. Yet, when one displays a patently unpatriotic bumper sticker, isn’t a reasonable person entitled to draw the appropriate conclusion? There’s no need to question the woman’s patriotism – that would suggest the issue was in some doubt. She answered the question before it was asked, clearing up all doubt in the process. Something to keep in mind when those of similar views run for office this year, and whine about their ‘patriotism.’


Written by martinipundit

March 27, 2006 at 9:32 am

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