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Blasts Rock London

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The latest according to Fox News is that there are seven explosions, six in the Underground and one bus, that have hit London today. So far, it seems clear that this is a terror attack, but what isn’t clear is whether it’s Al Qaeda directly, or one of the various splinter groups. Our sympathies, to the people of London and the UK. More disturbingly, at least one of the blasts seems the work of a suicide bomber which is certainly new in Europe. One is forced to wonder about Europe’s growing muslim immigration and lack of assimilation. More as this develops.

Update The BBC has a more coverage.

Update II The death toll is now variously 30-45 depending on the news service . Even so, it seems a very small number, which we fervently hope will go no higher. Officially, there were three blasts in the Underground, and one on the bus. Here’s a map from the BBC:

Update III Thomas Lifson adds:

An al Qaeda website is claiming responsibility for the blast and crowing about Britain — burning with fear.” Whether or not this lot actually masterminded the horror itself, they are revealing the mindset which was behind the attack. Those who deliberately slaughter the innocent reveal the utter depravity of their own souls. They have so little actual fortitude of their own that they project onto others, better than they, their own reactions to such violence. They inhabit a mental realm detached from reality. They have no grasp of the people and — the phrase must be used — higher civilization with which they have collectively grappled so unsuccessfully for the last several centuries. Instead of self-criticism and honest efforts to overcome obvious shortcomings of their own, they take comfort in simmering rage, conspiracy theories, and plans to wreak vengeance. They are profoundly cowardly, and attempt to hide that awful truth about themselves with suicidal cruelty and bravado. They are enmeshed in a brittle spiritual construct, one which demands shattering by resiliant people, far better better grounded than they in both the spiritual and physical worlds.


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July 7, 2005 at 7:13 am

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