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Uncivil Democrats

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Peggy Noonan has a piece in today’s OpinionJournal on the latest outbreak of incivility amongst the Democrats:

Clinton is likely the next Democratic nominee for president. Mr. Dean is the head of the Democratic Party. They are important and powerful. They may one day run the country. It is disturbing that they speak as they do. How do people who are not part of the Democratic base react to their statements? I think something like this: What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they understand they lower things with their name calling and bitter language? If this is how they feel free to present themselves in public, what will they do and say in private if they ever run the country? If Mr. Bush ever spoke this way, most Republicans would feel embarrassment. I would be among the legions who would denounce his statement.

Democrats are half the country; it is offensive to label them as hateful, it’s wrong. Even though we’re torn by disagreements, there is an old and unspoken tradition that we’re all in this together, we’re all citizens together. It is destructive to act against this tradition. One assumes all the media, especially the MSM, would treat the speech as if it were an epochal event in the Bush presidency, and the beginning of the end. They would say he was unleashing the dark forces of division; they would label his statement as manipulative, malevolent, immature. And they’d be right.

Except it doesn’t happen. There are no examples of Republican leaders speaking this way. No one has called Barbara Boxer a “liar,” Harry Reid a “loser.” No one has accused Hillary Clinton of “abuse of power,” no one has called Howard Dean a “white, Christian,” as if that were somehow bad. Not that they and their policies aren’t opposed – they are – but in the arena of politics, not the arena of the playground. For that is what the Democrats have begun to sound like – spoiled children. No one calls them to account – blogs like this one are not exactly on the daily must read list of the people mentioned above. The MSM doesn’t call them to account, and neither do their colleagues for the most part.

The latest hand-wringing over Howard Dean by Susan Estrich and Mssrs. Biden and Edwards is only an understanding that Dean is hurting the party. More such voices will emerge, but not because they think Dean is wrong, but because they disagree with his tactics. There has been no accountability for Bobbie Byrd for his comparing the Administration to the Third Reich. Except amongst the voters. Byrd’s in trouble if polls are to be believed. Dean’s fundraising efforts have met with pitiful results (that may lose him his position as head of the DNC before his ‘shoot from the lip’ shenanigans). The Democrats have lost seats in the Senate for the last three elections including their own leader in 2004. They’ve lost the presidency twice running to a man they consider a simpleton, or “loser” as Reid put it. No wonder they sound increasingly desperate – the Democrats have failed to persuade a majority of voters to support their position for the last five elections, and 2006 is looking worse, not better. Acting out like children is a good way to get a scolding from the voters. Maybe a different strategy is called for now.

Peggy Noonan is one thing. But when Susan Estrich sees the handwriting on the wall, the end is near.

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June 9, 2005 at 9:34 am

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