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In today’s OpinionJournal, Brendan Miniter observes the McCain meme is back:

Having helped broker the Great Senate Compromise last week, Sen. John McCain is back in the media limelight, winning the usual accolades for bucking his party. But the deal by 14 “moderates” doesn’t just preserve the judicial filibuster and allow confirmation of a few of President Bush’s “extremist” nominees. It also reveals that the myth the McCainiacs hoped would propel their man into the Oval Office in 2000 still endures, despite evidence of successive elections to the contrary.

The myth is simply that the only way to win elections is to draw voters from the other party by bucking a few of your own party’s principles. Call it “maverick moderatism,” but this belief has been the foundation for Mr. McCain’s strategy for achieving national office and has given us great ideas like the recent iteration of campaign finance reform, opposition to some tax cuts and dogged attacks by Mr. McCain on some military expenditures. It’s also the foundation of many pundits’ advice to the president that he pick more “moderate” judges, give up on using payroll taxes to create private Social Security accounts, and trim his sails on fighting terrorism by spreading freedom.

It’s everywhere you look again – McCain will be a formidable candidate. 2008 will be his year. The ‘maverick’ has done it again.


Miniter is not sanguine on McCain’s chances in 2008. I’m conisderably more optimistic: McCain doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the 2008 Republican nomination. The Media’s sure. The Democrat’s sure. The RINO’s sure. But Republicans? No.

I confess to being completely bewildered by the willful blindness of the MSM on this issue. Of course, they love McCain, he’s basically a Democrat. But why they would willfully delude themselves does evade me.

McCain gained some goodwill last summer it is true, by sticking by Bush when the stakes were high. But that goodwill was never going to translate into support at the polls. Conservatives like me cannot stand John McCain because he has consistently opposed bedrock conservative principles or worse, waffled in the crunch like last week on judicial filibusters. That issue alone would be enough to sink him in the primaries, but his botched campaign finance reform carries just as much baggage. And then long-time readers know what I think of senators aiming for the big chair.

Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll be treated to years of speculation on the man from Arizona, and I doubt this will be the last word on this blog on the subject. But remember, you read it here: John McCain will never be elected President of the United States on a Republican ticket. Take it to the bank.

Update And if you need even more proof, apparently Andrew Sullivan has become a McCain supporter. What a surprise.


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May 31, 2005 at 12:13 pm

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