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America the Bad, Europe the Good

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The French have just scuttled the so-called European Constitution, which interesting only in it’s their baby, but the wailing and gnashing of teeth is quite loud nonetheless. But one wailer caught my eye in particular:

Not long ago, for example, Romano Prodi, the former president of the European Commission, had predicted that a French no would mean “the end of Europe.” On Monday he called the outcome “a disaster,” but insisted that the union would continue to function under current rules and that things could be worse.

“This is still better than a war of secession like the United States once had,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’m serious now. We must keep this perspective in mind. We don’t have a treaty, but we also don’t have wars.”

Say what?

Let me get this straight, Prodi is comparing this vote to the Civil War? And if I read this correctly, it was worse than the French non?

Well no merde paison, but what does that have to do with the price of brie in France?

The American Civil War has less to do with this vote than the French Revolution does, and the notion that Europe doesn’t have wars is laughable. North America hasn’t seen a war in more than a century, but I believe Europe’s record is a touch mixed there. Most recently in the 90s, not counting those couple of times Germany got uppity. Europe spilled oceans of blood in the last century.

I do believe this vote has them positively unhinged. But never mind the facts, America is always bad.


Written by martinipundit

May 31, 2005 at 12:19 pm

Posted in Eurofollies

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