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Benedict XVI on Judaism

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I’ve been looking into some of the writings of our new Pope, Benedict XVI. In an interesting little book written while he was still a cardinal called “Many Religions – One Covenant,” I found this gem on pp. 45-6:

Jews and Christians should accept each other in profound inner reconciliation, neither in disregard of their faith nor in denying it, but out of the depth of faith itself. In their mutual reconciliation they should become a force for peace in and for the world. Through their witness to the one God, who cannot be adored apart from the unity of love of God and neighbor, they should open the door into the world for this God so that his will may be done and so that it may become on earth “as it is in heaven”: so that “his kingdom come.”

Funny, doesn’t sound like a Nazi. Do you think those calling him that might not know what they’re talking about?

Written by martinipundit

May 30, 2005 at 9:05 am

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