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A Year of MartiniPundit

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Hard for me to believe, but today marks the one year ‘blogiversary’ of MartiniPundit. Many thanks to all those who’ve stopped by and to the three or four of you who read regularly. Also thanks to those who said I should have done this a long time before I actually did.

I gather it’s a tradition of sorts to take a look back at the year’s better posts (from my admittedly subjective point of view), so here they are: This is the first post ever.

Predictably, it combined the Europeans and the election. Off and running! Also in those early days was The Perfect Martini, which has proved popular over the year. Another key Martini post here.

Two colossal figures on the world stage left us this year. Here is my look back at President Reagan. The other was Pope John Paul II. Here is the post on the 26th anniversary of his Pontificate, and this on his loss.

Ship-blogging has been a topic to which I’ve returned from time to time. I still get plenty of Google searches that find The Old Battlewagons, although I’m more partial to my look at the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. And we cannot forget my shadow, the USS Ramage.

I visited Apocalypse Now a couple of times, once in connection with terrorist beheadings, and once – far less seriously – in connection with my purchase of “Unfit for Command.”

As with just about everyone else, the election of 2004 formed the backbone of the blog through November. As a Bush supporter in Massachusetts who had been watching Kerry for some time, I was fairly relentless in my criticism of the junior Senator. Kerry’s military service as a campaign theme was exhausted fairly early for me, and I later felt the need to poke a little Photoshop fun. And to note that Kerry had been at a lot of important events. While Ted Kennedy told us to fear George Bush, black helicopters circled Boston. Also seen at that time, was Kerry channeling Nixon. It really was all about Vietnam. Towards the end of an ordeal we were all tired of, I had an encounter with a pair of Yellow Dawg Moonbats, summed up my issues with Kerry, and endorsed Bush for reelection.

Now and then, I dipped into the books to look at things from a historical point of view. Once on two-terms as a phenomenon, and I also touched on King Sihanouk. I also noted how close we came to disaster in 1864, and what Lincoln had to say.

I’ll note for the record that a certain infamous bloggers lost me early, and some people have been on the fringe for some time.

But of course, the most important blogging subjects over the past year have been Chloe and Daphne.


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May 26, 2005 at 8:10 am

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