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Harry Reid Strikes Again

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He just doesn’t know when to quit. That or he simply has no control filter between his brain and his mouth. Reid’s latest is to smear a judicial nominee by saying that if you could see his FBI report you’d be against him too. (This is not the first time the Democrats have tried this with this nominee. See here.)

Couple things wrong here:

One – The “trust me” gambit. The Dems love this one. After all, they do know better than the rest of us, and so we really – no really – ought to shut the blank up and let them take care of us. Harry Reid has access to this report so you and I should trust that it’s bad, and that he’s reading it correctly. Certainly no need for us to worry our little heads about it.

Two – This form of opposition is truly despicable. There is no way the nominee can address this accusation – he might not even know what’s in report himself – and to even do so elevates it. Yet it is a crime to disclose the contents of FBI reports so Reid smugly knows that he won’t have to elaborate. He drops a little stink pellet onto the Senate floor secure in the knowledge it will make nasty headlines. Such ad hominem character assassination reveals the sort of person who will stoop very, very low to conquer.

The Democrats must be crazy to keep this guy as their leader.


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May 13, 2005 at 11:45 am

Worst Jobs in History

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Do you like your job? Well, it could be a lot worse. Channel 4 has a roundup of the worst jobs in history. A taste:

Medieval: Lime Burner: Do you like to live on the edge? How about creating and handling an extremely nasty chemical agent to make a vital component of mortar?

Running a lime kiln requires you to supervise the heating of chalk — or, near the coast, oyster shells — until they start producing incredibly toxic carbon monoxide. This can easily make you drowsy or even paralyse you before you suffocate. Don’t worry, though — you only have to sit with the kiln for 48 hours at a time.

If you really like a risky challenge, the next process could be for you. The hard cake of quicklime (calcium oxide) is taken from the kiln and added to water. It immediately reacts, producing intense heat and a shower of caustic, agony-inducing specks of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide). These crumbly grains are then crushed into lime powder, which will be added to sand to make mortar. You obviously don’t need safety goggles because they haven’t been invented yet.

There are lots more, neatly organized by period. Not while you’re eating though, okay?

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May 13, 2005 at 9:28 am

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