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Life on Mars?

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The ESA thinks it’s on to something:

Formisano showed evidence of the presence of formaldehyde in the atmosphere. Formaldehyde is a breakdown product of methane, which was already known to be present in the Martian atmosphere, so in itself its presence is not so surprising. But Formisano measured formaldehyde at 130 parts per billion. To astrobiologists it was an incredible claim. It means huge amounts of methane must be produced on Mars. (While methane lasts for hundreds of years in the atmosphere, formaldehyde lasts for only 7.5 hours.) “It requires that 2.5 million tons of methane are produced a year,” said Formisano. “There are three possible scenarios to explain the quantities: chemistry at the surface, caused by solar radiation; chemistry deep in the planet, caused by geothermal or hydrothermal activity; or life,” he added. And, with no known geological source of formaldehyde on Mars, it’s clear where Formisano’s suspicions lie. “I believe there is extremely high probability that microbial subsurface life exists on Mars,” he said, while acknowledging that although he believes in Martian life, he can’t yet prove it.

Cool. But will they be green?

A glass raised to Michelle Malkin.


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May 3, 2005 at 11:01 am

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What’s Wrong with Liberals?

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Nothing, to hear them tell it, but yet, their rampant dissatisfaction with the state of things puts the lie to that. Meanwhile, Mac Johnson examines the issue:

The idea that Republicans are the masters of the black arts of politics, while the Democrats are babes-in-the-woods is just ridiculous. The Democrats ran a Presidential campaign in 2004 that was nothing but technique and nearly devoid of substance. Bush’s strategy was a singular message: “You can trust me to see the War through.” The Democrats ran a somewhat more layered campaign that consisted of claims that the War was already lost, the economy was secretly in shambles, the Republicans had a secret plan to bring back the draft, the Republicans had a secret plan to suppress minority votes, the Republicans had a secret plan to enrich Dick Cheney, George Bush had — through a secret plan– avoided his full National Guard obligation, and the Republicans had a very secret plan to steal the election, which is why the Democrats had to deploy an Army of lawyers to every swing state to sue Kerry into the White House, should Bush win by just a hair. The Democrats also placed an initiative on the ballot in the pro-Bush state of Colorado to split its electoral votes (thus giving Kerry a substantial technical edge in a close election); and they are still finding bags of ballots for Christine Gregoire in Washington State. Might I humbly suggest that the problem is not that the Democrats lack political skills, but that they have become entirely dependent on these skills? Perhaps a message concerning something real they wanted to do (rather then the secret plans of Republicans) was the critical missing ingredient?

This is the sort of thing one hears from liberals all the time – how everything the Republicans do is politically calculated. That might be true, but if so, it sure doesn’t explain why Bush has gone after the tough fights from Iraq to Terri Schiavo to Social Security. He could just as easily have stuck a finger in the wind and sat back for eight more years of Clinton.

It’s a must read.

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May 3, 2005 at 8:45 am

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