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Elian, Still Abused After All These Years

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Remember Elian Gonzalez? He was the Cuban boy the Clinton Administration forcibly repatriated to the ‘socialist paradise’ in flagrant contravention of his rights and the due process of law. He’s now 11, and the poor child is still being abused as the Castro regime trots him out to convince the proletariat how happy he is.

Elian Gonzalez, the young Cuban castaway whose international custody battle ended in his dramatic seizure from a Miami home five years ago, addressed a crowd of thousands Friday, thanking Cubans and Americans alike for fighting for his return to the island.

Elian, now 11, read a speech at a televised event in Havana marking the fifth anniversary of the April 22 raid in which armed U.S. federal agents snatched him from his Miami relatives in the first step to getting him back to Cuba.

“Five years ago I returned to my dad,” he said. “When I saw him, I became very happy. I could hug him, I could see my little brother. That was the happiest day of my life.”

Wait until Fidel falls kid.

Meanwhile, it’s worthwhile to recall this incident as we listen to liberals scream at how Attorney General John Ashcroft trampled the Constitution and how the ironically named new AG Alberto Gonzales is a torturer. This is how the Constitution fared under the last democrat to be AG, Janet Reno:

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April 25, 2005 at 8:26 am

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