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Crocodile Tears for Conservatives

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Some on the Left are crying a crocodile river of tears over the supposed “conservative crack-up.” As always, Mark Steyn draws the curtain from this silly spectacle:

Anyone would think it was the Republicans who’d lost the 2004 elections, and the 2002 elections, and the 2000 elections. From every corner, concerned “friends” of the party rise to offer “friendly” advice. Norman Lear, who produced all those critically acclaimed issue-confronting heroine-gets-an-abortion ’70s sitcoms that seem a lot more dated than ”The Beverly Hillbillies” these days, has now produced a People For the American Way ad in which a man who identifies himself as a “common sense Republican” objects to any attempt to end the Democratic filibuster of Bush’s judicial nominees. As things turn out, the “common sense Republican” has so much common sense he’s an official with a union that endorsed John Kerry.

I saw that commercial myself and laughed at it. I mean, it played in Boston, urging me to contact my senators to “save the filibuster.” My senators are Ted Kennedy and John Kerry who wouldn’t listen to me if I told them a tarantula was on their shoulder. Reading Steyn is a much better use of my time, and yours too, I imagine.

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April 5, 2005 at 9:06 pm

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