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The Professional Killers

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While the Left’s Hitler fetish continues (Hitler was a Leftist by the way, but you’ll never hear one of them admitting that) Bridget Johnson has an excellent piece on Hollywood’s fetish for communism. Their record of murder dwarfs the Nazis, although one must allow they had more time and still do in some places. A taste:

Annoying as the Che adulation is, a recent comment by a 14-year-old on an online movie message board was truly disturbing: “I just saw The Motorcycle Diaries, which further made me question: Why is communism bad? . . . Young people are told how bad communism is, but we are not told why. . . . The Motorcycle Diaries showed me how Ernesto Guevara wanted to help people. . . . But this did not explain why he was such a ‘bad’ person and apparently deserved to be murdered by the U.S.”

A hundred million dead leaps to mind. A must read, and the book she mentions chronicling the bloody history of communism is here. While we’re at it, if you think the Nazis had a monopoly on camps, think again. It’s long past time to vilify all mass murderers, and understand what they really were.

Written by martinipundit

March 30, 2005 at 9:40 am

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