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A Rebuttal for the Naysayers

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Matt May has written a persuasive piece in the American Thinker defending the basis for Condi Rice in ’08. Though primarily a response to this piece also in the American Thinker, it has broader applicability it seems to me. Much is made of senators running for the presidency and the idea that John Kerry because of his legislative experience is more qualified than someone who’s actually spent – or will spend – two terms in high-level executive branch appointments begs a debate not one senator in a hundred wants to have. It’s also worth recalling that in the early days of the Republic, the Secretary of State was seen as a natural successor to a president. Key quote:

As John F. Kennedy pointed out in the first televised debate with Richard Nixon in 1960, — there is no certain road to the presidency.” Kennedy reminded the nation that Abraham Lincoln’s only service in the federal government prior to his inauguration was a largely forgotten term in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1840s. Dr. Rice’s experience and training for the presidency somewhat mirrors James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams. In this time of threat and war, it is perhaps best to have a chief executive whose overarching purpose in life has not been seeking elected office, but one who has extensive training and experience dealing with the threats that face us.

Madison, Monroe, and Adams each served as Secretary of State no less than seven years apiece, and Monroe served as Secretary of War. Adams served as minister to Russia and Great Britain. Indeed, they held elected office, but their most formidable experience and training for the presidency came in these appointed offices that deal with foreign affairs and potential conflict. Similarly, Dr. Rice’s experience in the administrations of both of the Bush presidencies has provided (and is providing and will provide her) a unique first-hand role in shaping and executing the foreign policy and defense of the United States. Because our world is still dangerous, and because President Bush has said repeatedly and correctly that the war on terrorism will go beyond his time in office, Dr. Rice can and will step into the role of Commander-in-Chief with ease, and no potential opponent will be able to command better the immediate respect of the world upon entering office.

A must read.

May also has a blog – Citizens for Condi.

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February 16, 2005 at 11:18 am

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