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Iraq’s Turn

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As with Afghanistan, the handwringing nattering nabobs of negativity were wrong.

With the polls closed, it looks like the Iraqi turnout was about 72% easily beating the US turnout of just over 60% last November.

All around the country, Iraqis defied threats of violence and cast their votes. An initial estimate of turnout from the Independent Electoral Commission indicated that 72 percent of eligible Iraqi voters had turned out to cast their ballots.

The US can’t boast turnout approaching that for any election in a generation – and we don’t do it under guns and bombs of fanatic savages.

But the day was not without bloodshed. Eight homicide bombings and mortar strikes at polling stations killed at least 36 people. A Web site statement purportedly from insurgency leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s group claimed responsibility for the election-day attacks.

And yet, for all the hype and fear-mongering of the MSM and the likes of Ted Kennedy, this is all the savages were able to do. To be sure it was a tragically bloody month in Iraq, but no one expected any less from the desperate terrorists. The foreign terrorists surely know a legitemate Iraqi government will have huge incentive to eradicate their pestilential presence and the Baathists can expect naught but a speedy trial followed by a last cigarette. The vast majority of Iraqis have spoken and they’ve rejected tyranny and terror.

No word on whether Ted Kennedy thinks that’s a good thing or not.


Written by martinipundit

January 30, 2005 at 10:35 am

Posted in GWOT, Iraq

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