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Dirty Bomb Threat for Boston?

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Not much to go on at present, but apparently a Mexican man smuggled two Iraqis and four Chinese over the California border. He then calls the FBI and claims they said dirty bomb material would follow:

Federal and state authorities are investigating a nuclear terrorist threat against Boston after a man calling from Mexico told California police that he smuggled two Iraqis and four Chinese over the border, the Boston Herald has learned.

“They got a call from across the border in Mexico to the California Highway Patrol and he said he brought two Iraqis and four Chinese (individuals) across the border and according to him, they stated soon to follow behind them would be some sort of material,” said a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

“He refers to some sort of nuclear material that will follow them through New York up into Boston.”

According to the source, the caller has not identified himself and did not show up for a meeting with federal investigators in California but he did leave pictures of four Chinese men and some names at a “drop” site at the Mexico-California border.

“They were dropped by the source at a location. He literally threw them over a fence from Mexico to the U.S. side,” said the source. “There are pictures of the four Chinese and some names but just how accurate they are remains a question.”

There’s very little to go on at present and the authorities apparently have no way to contact the man, although they’re skeptical as the story makes little sense – why alleged terrorists would disclose their plan for example.

Bears watching, to be sure. What was that Osama said about the Blue States? If this turns out to have any truth in it, obviously Osama’s credibility will be taking a hit. And what about the Chinese?


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January 19, 2005 at 5:44 pm

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