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Who decides what is the will of the people?

Not the people, apparently. Senator Boxer of California has joined some perennial House malcontents to object to the congressional certification of Ohio’s 20 electoral votes. As noted here, this is a procedural formality and after two hours of debate, the objection will be voted down. Boxer says this is over “voting irregularities” such as “long lines.”

As I noted, long lines were found in several states, as a quick Google search will show. This is due in no small part to the tremendous get out the vote effort made by both campaigns, and also by many people recognizing how important this election was. This is something to be proud of, not object to. Given the spectacle unfolding in Washington State, one might expect Democrats in Washington DC to be more circumspect. They rail incessently about the will of the people, counting every vote, and ensuring unfettered access to the ballot box.

One never hears from them about respecting the integrity of the process. They don’t worry about double (or more) voting, denying military absentee ballots, creative interpretation of ballots, or even dead men voting. To the Democrats, election monitors are for Republican precincts, not their own. They worry about “fixing” democracy as they steadily undermine confidence in it.

It’s been 35 years since Congress objected to an election, and is it any surprise that it was for Richard Nixon? If there were valid reasons to object then it would be correct, even if futile. But there is no valid reason here outside of the fever swamps of the Democratic Underground – to which Senator Boxer now subscribes. She now joins them in sapping the foundation of the country to score cheap political points.

No one in Washington State can have confidence in the legitimacy of their governor – the Democrats in Congress now want to make sure the entire nation carries that burden of uncertainty. Coupled with the Gonzales hearings this morning, the Democrats have had a good day by their lights: soft of terror, hard on democracy. Permanent minority status is not far away.

Update Jeff Goldstein puts it another way:

But here’s the thing: the US has a long (and, I believe, truly dignified) tradition of handing over the reins of power without incident. In the last 5 years, however, this new generation of — progressivist” Democrats has managed to undo a couple centuries worth of dignity in their increasingly pathetic attempt to hold onto power — or, when all else fails, to call into question the legitimacy of the power their opponents will attempt to exert.

Not unlike burning down the house to prevent the bank from foreclosing.


Written by martinipundit

January 6, 2005 at 11:30 pm

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