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This Is What a Stolen Election Looks Like

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It’s getting increasingly icky in Washington State. A new poll from King 5 in Seattle shows a serious crisis of confidence. First, let’s recall that ‘Governor’ Gregoire ‘won’ on the third ‘count’ by 129 ‘votes’ which were ‘found’ in King County. There they apparently believe every vote should be counted:

King County still can’t explain why there were 3,500 more ballots cast in the November election than there are on a list of registered voters who supposedly participated.

Not to worrry they say:

King County Elections workers insist it’s not fraud, it just takes several days to reconcile the books. “There’s many reason why the number is different,” said Bill Huennekens, King County Elections. “People who voted in the address confidentiality program, federal write-in ballots that we were, that people aren’t in the system, so it’s coming together with all those numbers and seeing exactly where we’re at.”

In other words, these guys are asking the people of Washington to take at face value their assurances that it will all work out, meanwhile Gregoire will have already been sworn in. Predictably, this is not sitting well:

[I]in a new KING 5 statewide poll, we asked: Should Republican Dino Rossi concede? 36 percent said yes, 53 percent said no. In the poll conducted by SurveyUSA, the majority still believes Rossi actually won the election.

Six weeks ago, before the hand recount, we asked: Who do you think won? 66 percent believed it was Rossi.

Now, after a hand recount showing Gregoire ahead, there’s about a 10 percent swing in public opinion, but Rossi is still the perceived winner with 56 to 35 percent.

As for the Republicans pushing for a new election, we asked: Should there be a re-vote? 59 percent of residents statewide say yes, let’s vote again.

Remember, this is a blue state. 3500 votes above registration, and it could be as high as 5000 according to Sound Politics (they’ve been chronicling the mess pretty closely), and yet Washington is prepared to swear in Gregoire next week anyway. For those of you on the Left who still think Bush stole the 2000 election, Washington shows you the real thing.


Written by martinipundit

January 4, 2005 at 11:38 pm

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