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The old shakedown artist is still banging on his drum, hoping that somehow Congress will overturn the election. (He ought to read the Constitution – all the senate does is count the votes but no matter.) One might remind him that the Republicans control both houses. Still, it was this paragraph that really caught my eye:

Conyers, Reid and Kerry will face harsh criticism for violating what might be called the Nixon precedent. When Kennedy beat Nixon by a few thousand votes in an election marked by irregularities in Illinois and Texas, Nixon chose not to challenge the result. Gore essentially followed that rule after the gang of five in the Supreme Court disgraced themselves by stopping the vote count in Florida. But the effect of the Nixon precedent is to provide those who would cheat with essentially a free pass. Particularly when the state officials are partisans, they can put in the fix with little fear of exposure so long as they win. [emphasis mine]

Those who would cheat, eh? Methinks the mask didst slip somewhat here. Could Jackson actually be admitting that Kennedy cheated in 1960? Perish the thought … He also seems to be forgetting ‘Governor’ Gregoire, but he probably hasn’t noticed anything happening outside his imagined Ohio for weeks now.


Written by martinipundit

January 4, 2005 at 10:44 am

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