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Carnival of the Cats #41

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“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.” (Anonymous)

We’re very pleased to host the first Carnival of the Cats of the new year, and the 41st of the series. Leading off and looking us straight in the eye as a cat should is Tushki, owner of Ishtiaque:

If Hakuna and Matata missed their humans, they quickly got over it by asserting their place in the household hierarchy. Meanwhile, some cats are planning on observing the New Year. Some are so serious that they’ve blogged on the subject. Others celebrate in the time-honored tradition of helping out as only cats can, while some cats understand that the whole resolution thing is an exercise in self-delusion and want no part of it. Of course, sleeping is a perfectly acceptable response by cats to any holiday devised solely for humans to keep track of time. Sleeping has so many permutations, it could take eons to try them all:

Spider understands. After all, if a cool cat like Mister Gato can take time from his busy schedule of rodent termination … More busy cats. But clearly, Tiny and Baby really know how to party. More importantly, it’s Mark’s first anniversary which must surely trump New Year’s. Similarly, Whitty turns ten, a grand age, but apparently the years have held some tragedy, including a run in with some dingoes. Oreo demands affection. Izzy, Meowza, Bazel and Jezi demand their share of the feast, even if that means being the centerpiece. Courtesy of Rahel, we learn of some adorable cats for adoption.

She also grasps the key concept in feline relations: hear and obey. Meanwhile, there’s a blog devoted to finding good homes for strays. Are munchkin cats eternal kittens? Keeping his own counsel it seems … Sissy provides a good roundup of feline talent from human management to environmental management to solutions management to conflict management. We stand in awe. A somber Zak:

Petra unimpressed:

Ferdinand T. Cat generous:

Happy New Year from Boo & Spike and some interlopers. And of course, the glory of Daphne and Chloe.

Update I’m adding Bentley myself, mostly because he’s too cool (lives with two women who dote on him) and because he’s a Birman like Daphne. A glass raised to Bentley!


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January 2, 2005 at 8:47 pm

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