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It’s All About Gumby

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Unless you’re Kim Jong Il, ex-King Sihanouk, or Madeleine Albright, life in Pyongyang is not a bed of roses. After all, this is a country ruled by a loon with a Gumby fetish, one of the last Stalinist dictatorships on the planet, and which is engaged in nuclear roulette with the big boys.

This is a country which practically has a corner on mass starvation, repression, gulags, tyranny, and backwardness. A country which cannot support itself, and because its crackpot leader remains stuck in a time warp, shows no sign of joining the community of civilized nations. But they do have one thing going for them: no AIDS patients.

North Korea has expelled 27 foreigners it said tested positive for HIV and claimed the country remains free of AIDS.

North Korea is “the only country on the earth that has no AIDS-related patients,” South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported quoting North Korea’s Pyongyang Time. Yonhap reported the magazine in Pyongyang carried an interview with Han Kyong-Ho, director of Pyongyang’s Central Hygienic and Anti-Epizootic Center in its Dec. 4 issue.

Well sure, if you eject all those pesky ‘foreigners’ with the disease. But the real reason?

Han attributed the non-existence of AIDS patients in North Korea to the “sound and moral lifestyle” of North Korean people.

Like anyone other than Gumby is allowed to have any fun anyway.

What is it about communists that they feel compelled to overcompensate for the real misery they inflict on their people with faux statistics and unverifiable grandstanding?


Written by martinipundit

December 21, 2004 at 3:05 pm

Posted in Communism, Idiotarians

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