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We’ll Always Have Chicken Little

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Most of us probably read, or were read, the story of Chicken Little as children. Some of us have remained invincibly ignorant, however, of the story’s basic message. My skepticism of the various chicken littles over ‘global warming’ is that these were the same people who were warning of an impending ice age in the 70s and mass starvation from overpopulation. Soylent Green may be looking a little long in the tooth, but the basics are still with us: environmental catastrophe, evil corporations, conspiracy, and heroes intent on exposing the truth to all.

The despicable act of poisoning Viktor Yushchenko has pulled the veil off one of the pieces of the falling sky however. Michael Fumento discusses:

The “deadly dioxin” legend began with, of all things, guinea pigs. When fed to them in studies, they did fall over like furry tenpins. Yet hamsters could absorb 1,000 times as much dioxin before emitting their last squeals and other animals seemed impervious to the stuff.

Further, the animal deaths were from acute poisoning. Yet as a matter of convenience for activists, it not only became accepted that guinea pigs are the best animal model for humans but also that dioxin is a powerful carcinogen.

The original promoters of the humans-are-like-guinea-pigs legend were Vietnam activists. Agent Orange, which contained a trace of dioxin, effectively stripped away the jungle canopy that hid communist forces. So the enemy and its U.S. sympathizers claimed it was poisoning not just trees but humans. Pressured by these “humanitarians” the military quit spraying in 1971, giving back the enemy his sanctuary from which to kill our troops.

Yep, always comes back to the herroic activists. If the sky weren’t falling, they’d have nothing to do.

Written by martinipundit

December 20, 2004 at 10:40 am

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